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Heritage Guns: Plan and Protect!

I want my collection of firearms, knives, bows, fishing gear, and accessories to be passed down to my children and others as I see fit. How is this accomplished you ask? I asked some attorneys well versed in future planning into our shop to discuss this so we could consider our options and provide them to you. There are many options available to you all, but the ‘firearms trust’ is becoming more prominent in many states. When I spoke with Bill Gustoff, of Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff LLP of downtown Des Moines, he was clear that trusts provide a neat and tidy umbrella of ownership. Essentially when we have a lawyer form a trust it begins as a “revocable” trust [...]

Taking A Look At Walleye Stocking Data

Once again the DNR’s gill netting process on the Iowa Great Lakes was a huge success. As a result, the Spirit Lake Fish Hatchery was able to harvest enough eggs to produce a new stock of fish for many of the states lakes and streams. This year more than 3,300 walleyes were taken from Big Spirit Lake, East Okoboji and West Okoboji, with 2,117 walleyes coming from Big Spirit alone. In addition DNR officials also take both northern pike and muskie for stocking purposes. Roughly 500 pike and over 300 muskies came from the three lakes. The largest muskie was a 46 pounder taken from Big Spirit, while several walleyes were in the 28-inch range. It took approximately two weeks [...]

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Summertime Coyotes

Does anyone miss hunting yet now that most of our favorite game seasons have been closed for quite some time? It seems that as soon as a hunting season ends for the year we are already dreaming of opening morning of the next season’s first march through the fields to bag another rooster, the view of the sun’s first rays silhouetting the first flock of ducks setting their wings over your spread or for the calendar to hit the day when you can finally climb into the treestand for the first time with stick and string in hand. If only there was something to fill the time between turkey season and fall? Wait a second, there is! Usually when we [...]

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Difference in Ammo Accuracy

Have you ever heard the United States Marine Corps Rifleman’s Creed? It begins; “This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine.” Perhaps you have? If you haven’t, look it up. Marines train as riflemen first and they learn the creed in turn to accept their rifle as a brother in arms so that they will know their rifle so well inside and out that it will become a part of them. While they defend our freedoms with those rifles most of us reading this article simply possess our own rifles for hunting, target shooting, and pleasure. But that doesn’t mean we can’t master our own sporting rifles just like we master our lives as [...]

A Different Perspective Hunting Whitetails from the Ground

Hunting from an elevated position by utilizing treestands is by far the most popular platform to pursue whitetails with a bow. However in recent years many bowhunters have started to adopt a more “groundbreaking” approach and have opted to hunt whitetails from ground level from a blind. This method for hunting whitetails is catching on around the country and in Iowa. For the first 20 years of my hunting career I hunted whitetails from a tree and never really gave a ground blind much thought until 5 years ago when I finally adopted this style of hunting. After a few years and a steep learning curve I am now a firm believer of using ground blinds to bowhunt whitetails when [...]

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Top 9 Channel Catfish Baits

I was once told by a great catfish tournament angler that the best bait collectors are often times the best catfish anglers. I had to ponder that one for a while but in the end I believe he is spot on with that statement. So what is the best channel catfish bait? Well, I know one thing is for sure, this is a question that is capable of starting a fight. In fact, when I am speaking to cat anglers from all over the Midwest I say, “Let’s start a fight. What is the best catfish bait?” Ok, no fight actually breaks out but it gets a good laugh. In all truth, if I ask 20 people what the best [...]

5 Hardest Animals To Hunt In Iowa – Podcast

SHOW HIGHLIGHTS If there is one thing we know about hunting, it is that it can be and most of the times it is difficult to be successful and rightfully so. If it were easy then where would be the fun in that? In Iowa we are blessed with several different "challenging" species to pursue. That is the topic this week as Dan interviews Joel Johnson on what he believes are Iowa's toughest species to hunt. Listen along as the guys discuss the list and why these species are so difficult. Then see if you agree with them or make up your own list and see how it compares.

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Identifying Catfish Locations From Shore

These days, as catfishing gets more and more press, and more and more technical, it seems that some of the conversation has shifted from the traditional way of doing things. We read about drifting vast lake flats for giant blue cats or using high end side imaging to find mid river channel catfish. Still today a lot more people who chase the beloved catfish, fish them from shore rather than from boats. These shore anglers are no longer sidelined with a lack of technology and knowledge as they once were. Even the shore comes with high end tactics these days. It is true that many catfish anglers will go down to the old honey hole and sit by the bank [...]

WHITETAILS 365; July – The Dog Days of Summer

There is honestly very few things that get me excited about managing my farm in July. Spring planting of food plots and spraying has been completed. Stands are already hung for the most part. Everything is growing in the deer’s realm including fawns and antlers. These are the lazy days of summer. The dog days! Average temperatures are in the mid-eighties throughout the Midwest. Remember 2012 and 13…I do. Many days of super-hot 90’s and 100’s. These are not great days or fun days to be out on our properties trying to improve them. For the most part really, I actually dislike summer. Hot and humid the saying goes right? Each year I look forward to spring as an exciting [...]

Getting A New Boat Without Getting Hooked

For many of us, one of our prized possessions is our fishing boat. And you know what? It really doesn’t matter how old or how much we paid for it. The fishing rig we currently have is the one we have worked so hard to own. Just as we do with our vehicles, when we start out, we usually can’t afford the top-of-the-line. Instead, we work our way up. Over the past 45 years, I have owned a lot of boats, and each one at that time in my fishing career was “perfect” for that timeline. I can still remember my first one that I purchased in 1973. It was already 14 years old, and it was only a 14’ [...]

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