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Hardwater To Open Water

By Ben Leal As March approaches there are quite a few anglers that start looking at their boats, rods and reels, thinking about the open water season. February is the time of year when in Iowa, most of the outdoor sports and recreation shows are taking place giving reason for thoughts of open water. Reality soon sets in as they peer out the window and see a blanket of snow covering much of the ground and fishing boats remain locked in their winter’s coat. March Transition As many ice fishing aficionados know, weather in Iowa can be unpredictable at best. Recent years have seen ice fishing seasons come to a close early due to poor ice conditions by the time [...]

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Public Ground Gobblers

By Nick Johnson The words "public ground" conjures up all sorts of mixed feelings in a hunter. Some relish the opportunity to explore it and some dread it. Hunting on public ground is thought to be a lot more challenging and often without reward and while these statements may hold true in some respect the reality is that public ground can be a gold mine for turkey hunters who stay focused and think outside the box. Preparation and Scouting Scouting is important in any aspect of turkey hunting but none more so than in hunting public ground. The best-case scenario when prepping for a hunt is to know the pattern of a tom or toms on a piece of ground, [...]

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Get High For Turkeys

By Bruster Beaty Turkey far my favorite species of game to chase! The challenge these non-domesticated, Thanksgiving table fare provide; is what continuously draws me from pillow and quilt to the strategic battle that invariably will be undertaken. As any early morning “brush stumbler” has discovered, these “strut studs” often tend to cast a comedic resolve to our best intentions! I’ve often heard, around the Camp’s fire-ring, that these boogers make for highly intelligent adversaries. To this, I quaff! I bring to the “ring” the fact that to coincide with their beanie size noggins, their skulls only hold a limited amount of space. Included in this space are: two eyes, two ears, and one brain. Said brain must be [...]

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Preventing the Mistakes That Spook Coyotes

By Troy Hoepker It was all going perfectly to the plan. My friend and fellow Iowa Sportsman Magazine writer Nick Johnson had traveled down to film me calling coyotes for an episode of Iowa Sportsman Television a few years ago and his camera was rolling on the first coyote of the day at our very first spot of the morning. An unsuspecting coyote had crossed through the fence directly in front of us at eighty yards. Standing beautifully trying to decipher the whereabouts of the dying rabbit he had heard moments earlier, this coyote was giving us some great footage. I was almost holding back a grin as I felt the tension in the trigger begin to succumb under the [...]

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Iowa Coyotes: Inside the Numbers

I hadn’t felt the cold wind sting my face in quite some time like it did that February day this last winter. My calling partner Mark and I joked that we must be the only foolhardy pair of coyote hunters actually trying to coax a coyote to us in the whole state in weather like that. The 35 mph gusts were dumping wind chill temperatures well below zero and making the skin on our faces actually hurt. Still, after several unsuccessful calling attempts, we pressed on into the afternoon in hopes of success. Finally on the fourth stand, we went into a little spot that a farmer had called me about a week or two earlier wanting a little help. [...]

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Last Thought

Ice fishing season is just around the corner and for some northern Iowa residents it may already have kicked off. As a reminder to all of us, while ice fishing is an enjoyable sport it can be dangerous and all anglers that step foot on the ice this year should be aware of the dangers ice can pose. Below are some tips to follow to help ensure a safe ice-fishing season: Always check the ice depth before entering on to the ice. No matter if you are walking or have a vehicle check the ice for its depth and use the guide in this article to determine if the ice is safe enough for walking or driving on. It’s important [...]

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Trust your Depth-Finder for More Ice-Fishing Success

By Bob Jensen The pond froze over early this year, at least two weeks early and in most years it would still be a month before ice comes to the small body of water that I see most days. Although the ice isn’t safe yet, if the weather stays like it has been the past few days, we’ll be walking on the ice within a week. This time of year, safety is the Number One consideration. There’s no need to take an icy bath just because you want to catch a few fish through the ice. There are a few things to keep in mind throughout the ice-fishing season that will help you catch more fish from under the ice [...]

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Spring Planting Food Plots

By Tom Peplinski In a previous issue of Whitetail 365, I laid out equipment and associated costs for that equipment in planning out the year’s habitat improvements. To make at least a dent in improving the habitat on your hunting grounds you need at least some basic equipment. That issue covered how a tractor and disc along with a seeder of some sort would get you well on the way to planting food plots successfully. In this issue, I’m going to cover how to plant any food plot using just those pieces of equipment. I guess an argument could be made that the planting methods and techniques I’m going to cover are sub-ideal, but for the hunter on a time [...]

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State record perch weighed at Kabele’s Trading Post

By Steve Weisman Little did 43-year-old Royce Krummen of Lake Park realize when he went fishing shortly after noon on Saturday, February 16 that he would end up catching the fish of a lifetime and possibly the new Iowa state record for perch. It all happened about mid-afternoon. Fishing a northwest Iowa area pond with a friend, Krummen was jigging a small pink/yellow jig tipped with a wax worm. First came the slight dip of the rod tip. At the sight, Krummen raised the rod tip, felt the bite and set the hook. Solid! Krummen remembers, “The fish made one good run, and then I was able to bring it back toward the hole. When I got it close to [...]

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Handling Multiple Coyotes

By Troy Hoepker The sun was just spreading its first rays across the landscape of the bean field in front of us. It was peaceful, calm and quiet. Yet, you would have never known that moments earlier there had been such a struggle for life take place across that tranquil field. You wouldn’t have known that two coyotes had just barely witnessed their last sunrise before now laying flat on the bean stubble, over a hundred yards apart and that there had been such gunfire of four consecutive shots disrupting the morning’s silence or that there had been such a display of speed in desperate flight to escape and such dramatically instantaneous life ending energy pounded into their bodies swiftly [...]

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