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A Story of Safety

By Drew Henry The ducks have been scouted. The spread has been set. You are waiting with sheer anticipation in your layout blind, blanketed over by the early morning darkness. You are blessed to have your father along on the hunt, both of you sipping hot coffee and taking in the moments of this already amazing memory. You can hear your seven other close friends quietly whispering and giggling as they lay in line as well; it sounds as though they are back in grade school and the last day bell is about to ring, they can hardly contain their excitement. The dark slowly fades to light and it begins to sound as though a thousand leer jets will be [...]

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Turkey Nightmare Henned Up

By: Ryan Becker A henned up tom is a nightmare that we as turkey hunters will ultimately face many times over in our turkey hunting career. For those that haven’t heard the term “henned-up”, it basically describes a situation where a tom has found a hen or group of hens and is very if not impossibly reluctant to leave them to search out a more willing prospect in his courtship. Sometimes multiple toms can be henned up together but usually a solo tom paired with a mate is the toughest situation to overcome. Hunting a tom when he falls into this dreaded pattern can be devastating to the moral of the hunter. One must be patient and smart to analyze [...]

Public Ground Gobblers

By: Nick Johnson The words "public ground" conjures up all sorts of mixed feelings in a hunter. Some relish the opportunity to explore it and some dread it. Hunting on public ground is thought to be a lot more challenging and often without reward and while these statements may hold true in some respect the reality is that public ground can be a gold mine for turkey hunters who stay focused and think outside the box. Preparation and Scouting Scouting is important in any aspect of turkey hunting but none more so than in hunting public ground. The best-case scenario when prepping for a hunt is to know the pattern of a tom or toms on a piece of ground, [...]

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First Season Turkey Success

If  you have ever spent the morning listening to a bird fire off on the roost then turkey fever is probably at its peak. While the anticipation builds there is only so much that reading articles and watching hunting shows can cure. This is the perfect time to make sure you help lean the odds in your favor before you head to the woods on opening day. Preparation is key when it comes to having success in the turkey woods. And in today’s face-paced life where hunters are often limited to how many days they can hunt it makes all the difference to be ready. Proper scouting, calling strategies and even decoy usage can be critical when it comes to [...]

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A New Rod

by Bob Jensen This is the time of year when many anglers start thinking about the approaching open water fishing season. Those thoughts remind them that they need or want a new rod for that approaching open water fishing season. Some anglers want a technique specific rod; others want a rod that will enable them to employ a wide range of techniques. And then there are those anglers who just like to try new rods. Whatever your reasoning for getting a new rod, the following are some things to keep in mind. When you're looking for a new rod, you need to think of how you'll be using it. Will it be mostly for walleyes, or are you going to [...]

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by Bob Jensen We often talk about fishing techniques and fish location and things like that, and sometimes we forget about the nuts and bolts of fishing. A regular reader of this column contacted me recently and suggested I talk about the baits we should keep in a tacklebox, and I thought that was a good idea. Jigs are perhaps the backbone of many anglers fishing, so let’s talk about jigs and another time we’ll cover other types of lures for fishing. First though, jigs. Jigs are effective all year for a wide variety of fish. Many anglers have a tackle box dedicated just to jigs. In fact, lots and lots of anglers have containers dedicated to just one style [...]

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In-Season Scouting: Finding and Analyzing Turkey Sign

Turkeys, much like any game animal, will leave behind signs as they carry out their daily routines. As hunters, these signs are important to us because they help to determine roosting areas, feeding areas, strut zones, and daily patterns…all key components in the grand scheme of tagging a bird. Visually scouting turkeys is sometimes difficult as they move about during the day throughout their home ranges and often spot a hunter and flee before you spot them. Finding signs of turkey activity can be paramount in locating areas where these witty birds routinely spend brief periods of time in specific locations. Below is a list of common signs that turkey’s leave us as clues to what they are doing and [...]

Iowa Great Lakes Walleye Weekend – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast! On this episode Dan is joined by Steve Weisman as they discuss the recent Walleye Weekend held annually in the Iowa Great Lakes region. Steve goes into the history of the event, 37 years and counting, how it was started and evolved to what it is today. The conversation continues with tournament set up, rules, results, and prizes. Fishing isn't the only thing going on either. Dan and Steve also talk about other activities like camping, hiking, and biking around the lakes. It is a one of a kind event that every angler should experience! The discussion then takes a turn as Steve shares some recent walleye gill netting results from [...]

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Perch cycles on Big Spirit Lake

By Steve Weisman There is no doubt that Big Spirit Lake is one of the most traveled to and fished lakes in the Hawkeye state. Anglers target a variety of species: walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, musky, bullhead, crappie, bluegill and yellow perch. Ever since we moved to the Iowa Great Lakes in the late 1970s, I’ve spent a lot of hours fishing Big Spirit. Each year is different; each year the bite changes. However, I would warrant that none are more cyclical than the yellow perch. For those who chase the schools of perch, you know what I mean. It seems that there are more peaks and valleys than a hilly road! Although I can remember many [...]

You Might Be An Iowa Sportsman If…

You Might Be An Iowa Sportsman If... If Jeff Foxworthy is the king of Rednecks then Iowa sportsmen are king of, well Iowa sportsmen. We thought it would be fun to take a card out of Foxworthy’s deck and see what fellow Iowa sportsmen would come up with if posed the question “You might be an Iowa Sportsman if?”. So we sent out a survey and posed the question on our website to see what Iowa sportsmen thought about themselves. The answers we got could not have been better and were all across the board. Of course anytime you mention the words “you might be a_______ if” you are going to get a lot of humor involved which we most [...]

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