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Locked Down But Not Out

Locked Down But Not Out By Noel Gandy As the old saying goes: The only certainties in life are death, taxes, and locked down bucks come November. Well, most of that saying is well-known, but in the whitetail world losing tabs on a bruiser buck during November is almost always a certainty. Deer hunting can be very fickle. There are times from late October until the middle part of November that there seems to be a caravan of bucks, young and old, trailing past hunters as they long for the love of receptive does. Then there comes a few days in that midst where it seems as if you could not buy a buck. We often refer to this time [...]

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Yellow Bass: Iowans Hate to love Panfish

Yellow Bass: Iowans Hate to love Panfish By Rod Woten Iowa has a love-hate relationship with the yellow bass. On one hand they’re plentiful, fun to catch and make delicious table fare. On the other hand, in many instances, they’re an invasive species and out-compete other panfish like crappies and bluegills…even largemouth bass. They are prolific breeders so they can overwhelm smaller bodies of water in a short span of time. They truly are the fish we hate to love. Invasive Species While Yellow Bass are native to the state, they are typically invasive in the places that many anglers catch them today. The “home waters” for this feisty little fish is the Mississippi River and some of Iowa’s larger [...]

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First Day Success For Whitetail Shotgun Season

First Day Success For Whitetail Shotgun Season By Ricky Kinder Typically in Iowa during the first day of shotgun season for whitetails you will see groups of orange clad hunters chasing deer all over the place. The Iowa landscape is literally dotted with orange from border to border. The most common tactic used is large group or party hunting. This is when hunters will get deer up on their feet and get them moving to hunters blocking the escape routes in hopes of a shot. While there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever, it really isn’t my style at least not anymore. For years I would partake in this ritual style of hunting here in Iowa and I always managed [...]

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Hunting the Rut Phases and Strategies

The rut is a magical time that all whitetail hunters impatiently wait for all year long.  As hunters we dedicate countless hours preparing for the upcoming season by spending time practicing shooting, planting food plots, checking trail cameras, setting blinds, and hanging tree stands.  All of this preparation leads up to that critical moment when the target buck comes by your stand chasing a hot doe in the peak of the rut.  In this article you will find a few helpful tips and tactics to use this year during the rut to fill your tag, the freezer, and hopefully that open spot on the wall. There are several phases of the rut with the first being the “pre-rut.”  In Iowa, [...]

So You Think Your Tough Enough?

I had an unusual year in the fall of 2010. Typically, I would be able to hunt bow season, shotgun season, and late muzzleloader season for whitetails using a combination of my regular hunting licenses and tenant’s licenses. However, that year my schedule would only allow me to hunt the late muzzleloader season. Knowing this, I purchased my two allowable tags and waited for the day that I could finally go. I began my hunting on December 23rd and was lucky enough to harvest a nice 10 pointer that morning. Nothing huge, but good enough for the freezer! That night we had a snow storm come through that left the landscape with a blanket of a foot or two of [...]

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Tips for Success: Wood Ducks

Tips for Success: Wood Ducks Some may disagree with me, but a Drake Wood Duck is one of the prettiest birds on the planet in my opinion. Aside from being one of the best tasting ducks due to their acorn and berry (they do eat other things as well) diet; their feathers are ideal for fly tying. All of these reasons seem to be enough to justify pursuing this beautiful duck during waterfowl season, right? Here in the Midwest there are plenty of Wood Ducks and if you are looking for a new challenge this season, give Wood Ducks a try. Wood Ducks have a special spot in my heart as a waterfowl hunter because while attending graduate school at [...]

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November- The Hunt is On!

November- The Hunt is On! Many hunters count the days each year till season opener. How many hours do you have invested in the season before its even open? Money spent? In habitat management alone, I spend a solid weekend every month on my farm outside of hunting season. That’s 2 or 3 days a month for 9 months…maybe more…and each day is a sun up to sun down kind of day. Add it all up and I’m looking at 300 plus hours each and every year spent on my farm in the field. Add up the hours away from the farm building blinds, working on machinery, doing maintenance on stands, researching plant varieties, etc. and I could easily add [...]

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