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Shot Placement Guide For Bowhunting Turkeys

Shot Placement Guide for Bowhunting Turkeys When using a bow to hunt turkeys, many different shots and angles will present themselves. To make a clean ethical kill a hunter must know where to aim on the turkey at any given moment.  While a turkey looks to be a decent sized target to hit, it isn’t.  The vitals are extremely small, near the size of a softball.  Then on top of that you add the plumage of the bird and what looks to be a big sizeable target is actually less.  The goal of any shot is to disrupt a combination of a turkey’s circulatory, neurological, muscular or skeletal systems. Below are several different shots and angles that turkeys will give [...]

Ending Coyotes at the End of Winter

Ending Coyotes at the End of Winter By Troy Hoepker Recently I was reading an interesting days-gone-by story about Ed Canfield, a pilot from Williston, North Dakota who helped pay the bills in the depression era by eradicating coyotes from present day oil boom country in the Northwestern North Dakota landscape. His methods were a bit unconventional. He’d spot coyotes from the air and his wife Dorotha would pilot their little Iowa made, 55 horsepower Kari-Keen airplane down in steep dives to within feet of the ground while Ed would shotgun coyotes out of the side of the plane as they swooped by. The Canfields became quite famous in their part of the world as well as in the aeronautics [...]

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Factors That Influence Fishing Success

Factors That Influence Fishing Success By Bob Jensen Recently we talked about how lure color can have an influence in our fishing success. And, while color certainly can have a role in determining how many fish we catch, there are other factors that also come into play in our fishing success. Let’s talk about some of those factors. Size is a really important consideration in open water or under the ice, but I think it’s even more important under the ice, especially when panfish are the target. A few years ago I was ice-fishing with some friends on a lake in Wisconsin that received a lot of fishing pressure. We were after bluegills. I was using baits that were the [...]

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Arrowhead Resort & Motel: The Iowa Legacy Continues

Arrowhead Resort & Motel: The Iowa Legacy Continues By Ben Leal The sun is rising on Crooked Pine Lake in Nestor Falls, Ontario Canada. Peering out over the lake there is a fine mist hanging over the water, illuminating the warm moist air. Birds are singing their morning songs, welcoming a new day. Across the bay an angler makes his way across the lake, cutting the glass calm water and stopping to make his first cast. A new day…a new dawn…a new beginning. In 1981 Clyde and Decie Mason, lifelong residents of Iowa purchased the resort from William Losee, also from Iowa. For over 34 years this great summer destination has had close ties to Iowa and for many it’s [...]

Snow Fall Canada’s

Snow Fall Canada's Few things compare to waterfowl hunting, and nothing compares to watching geese in the snow. The sound seems amplified; the acoustics of that distant moan or group would rival any concert.  The view of that line of honkers in perfect formation rushing to dinner with snow falling is majestic to say the least.  It's a mental picture I can bring up anytime, anywhere and it puts a smile on my face.  This type of Canada goose hunting is also by far my most favorite, and rewarding ways to hunt late season honkers. There are many reasons why late season goose hunting can be so rewarding. Many hunters/waterfowlers have given up for road goats or a frozen pond.  [...]

Tank of Gas Sportsman Getaways

Tank of Gas Sportsman Getaways By Earl Taylor The thought of a fancy vacation, complete with Disney World or a visit to the Grand Tetons is every parent’s hope; but reality sets in when the billfold is thin and time off from work is limited. Sometimes, life consumes us. You may need to break up your time off into smaller, more affordable bites. There are at least four things that adults and children can do together during the summer. Canoe down a river. Ride a bike on one of the many trails. Catch a fish. Sit around a campfire and tell stories and eat smores. That seems like a simple recipe, but it is a recipe that can generate great [...]

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Pay Attention for Catfish

Pay Attention for Catfish By Brad Durick In the day of technology it may seem pretty easy to pull the phone out of our pocket and look up the answer to any question of what the fish are doing. There should be a report for the body of water you are on or some hot tip on a forum that will tell you how to do it. If the technology isn’t your thing, you might have a memory of a lunker you caught in 1988 and continually fish that spot or a list of successful spots that have always treated you right might be your plan of attack. While checking these tried and true spots is a good idea, catfish [...]

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Turkey Preparation: What you Should Be Doing Now

Turkey Preparation: What you Should Be Doing Now By Billy Pryor If you are a turkey hunter then you probably already know that spring turkey hunting can be completely different than fall turkey hunting, but the fundamentals to prepare for either are going to be the same. Like any hunting, the key to success is hard work during the off season. You need to physically and mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming hunting season weeks or even months in advance. Here are a few chores you should be doing ahead of the season to optimize success during your spring turkey hunts. SCOUTING It goes without saying that when and where to find birds is crucial to your success in the [...]

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Breaking Down New Catfish Water

Breaking Down New Catfish Water By Brad Durick Everyone likes to go to new places and experience the fishing those places have to offer. These new places may be a different part of your home river or lake; or a trip all the way across the country to try something totally different. Some people enjoy the challenge of this task while others just want to stick to the places they know and catch fish. As a professional guide, I am challenged with knowing where to go to catch fish to deliver results while at the same time trying to find more spots to add to the arsenal and keep in my back pocket until I need them.When your home water [...]

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