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Straight Walled Rifles: Expanding Your Arsenal Season

Aaron Stonehocker I have always scoffed at the claims made about Iowa’s landscape. While there are places where you can see for miles in any direction, most of the state is blanketed with rolling hills, scattered timber stands, sandy hills, and limestone bluffs. The “Iowa is Flat” rhetoric has kept high powered rifles from among the tools used to harvest whitetails, with only a minor exception in the southern two tiers of counties for a couple of years. This was also an arguable concept, due to the dates of the season and antler drop timing for bucks…but I will stick to my point. The bar has officially been raised by our State Government, by legalizing straight walled rifles during some [...]

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Second “Once in a Lifetime” Buck

By Julie Johnson One snap of a twig gave me an opportunity that may only come once in my lifetime and my love for bow hunting is to blame. To say that I’m addicted to bow hunting is an understatement. I absolutely can’t wait until the first glimpse of fall arrives because I know it will be time to climb into a tree stand and spend some quality time with nature. My husband Rob is completely responsible for my love of hunting, especially bow hunting. Before we were married nearing 30 years ago, I had barely touched a gun let alone know what a compound bow was. My family never hunted and the only gun my dad owned was an [...]

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A Joe Learning from Pros

We may call ourselves avid hunters, but we all have arenas within the sport that receive less attention than others. I grew up hunting big game and upland birds, and following the close of those seasons I chased walleyes under the ice. So, it should come as no surprise that waterfowl were seldom on my mind. It was not until I moved away to Iowa for graduate school that I truly became passionate about water fowling, There, in the middle of the corn belt, I met some of the best duck and goose hunters I have yet to know, and I was fortunate to soon call them my friends. Just like any good friends, they took me duck hunting! It [...]

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Catch Your Biggest Bass in October – Podcast

On the is episode of the Iowa Sportsman podcast, Dan chats with Billy Pryor about way you can locate and catch your biggest fish of the year. The guys discuss why the fish are biting this time of year, why throwing big baits means bigger fish, what baits lead to more bites, and different fishing strategies for different air and water temperatures.

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Crucial Rut Tips

By Drew Henry As whitetail hunters, we all know that hunting the rut can represent the best opportunity to catch a vulnerable monster buck out in the open. Vulnerable is rarely a word used to describe the nature of a big whitetail buck, but the craze of the rut can help to tilt the scale in the hunter’s direction. Tips on how hunters can take advantage of this time of year are not in short supply, so take the time to do your research and read up on the subject. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite rut tips that you can take afield with you this year. Hunt the Does Antlers, antlers, antlers! All year long they haunt [...]

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