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Time Management on the Ice

In today’s day and age, it seems as if people are just too dang busy. Shuttling kids off to various activities, long hours at work, and various other obligations seem to take up the bulk of our time. How many times in the last month have you exclaimed, “There just are not enough hours in the day”? To many individuals, their lone solace is those few hours on the weekends where they are able to get out and have a little “me time”. That time may consist of hunting, catching up on television, or for others it means spending some much needed time on the ice. That “me time” is very important since it comes few and far between; so [...]

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Trapping For Beginners – Podcast

Welcome to The Iowa Sportsman Podcast, on this episode Dan Johnson talks to JD Rogge on getting started with trapping. JD discusses all the things needed to get started and what you can expect. Plus tips and tactics on being successful out on the trap line.

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Military Residence Hunting Issue! – Podcast

Join us on this episode as Dan Johnson and Aaron Stonehocker discuss the Military Hunting Residency issue that military personnel face here in Iowa. Aaron personally has experience with this issue; that allows military personnel to claim residency in Iowa. However Aaron has had to deal with the law that says he can't hunt in the state even though he is a legal resident of the state, but isn't currently living in the state. Listen along, you will enjoy what the guys have to discuss and hopefully can help Aaron with his fight to change this law not only for him, but other military personnel that claim Iowa as their residence.

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Deer Management

By Ricky Kinder If you are a whitetail hunter in Iowa please raise your hand if you agree to the following question: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have 1,500 acres of vast, pristine whitetail habitat to hunt in Iowa? While I obviously can’t see the hands going up I can imagine most of you have your hands in the air. The bad news is the overwhelming majority of hunters don’t have such quantities of land to hunt. In fact I would be willing to bet that most hunters who own, rent, or lease hunting property have less than 120 acres to hunt on. The problem that most of us small acreage hunters face is how do we get the bucks [...]

A Day on the Ice with… me!

By Rod Woten One of the questions I hear several times every ice season as I’m presenting seminars or making retail in-store appearances is, “what’s it like to be an Ice Team Pro?”  Simply put, it is AWESOME!  I get to travel the ice belt and talk about ice fishing with others that are as passionate about it as me.  I get to fish some of the premier fisheries in Iowa, Minnesota, The Dakotas, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Illinois.  I also have the luxury of knowing no matter where I go in the ice belt, chances are pretty good that I have a fishing buddy nearby that knows the local waters very well.  All that being said, I am just a [...]

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Creating Your Own Reality

By Tom Peplinski Back in the day I would read any article I could get my hands on that talked about whitetail hunting tactics. I would rent any hunting video that I hadn’t seen before and act out the strategies I saw on the videos with high expectations these tactics would work for me as well. 30 years ago, hunting videos were all about the “how to” with hunting industry personalities or self-proclaimed experts telling us all how to get things done. For me, there was entertainment value that went along with watching and reading but my goal was to inform myself with the latest information on whitetail hunting. Very little of what I took in during my first decade [...]

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By Michael Ware, CEO Controlled Chaos Arms The best handgun for deer hunting you ask? Wow. That’s a tall order. A question like that depends on so many variables there is no correct answer that is truly universal. As you know this really hinges on things like your comfort and confidence with a particular firearm. Of course there are natural pitfalls to some weapons based primarily on their inherent characteristics. All in all you need to know those and just as important you need to know the ranges in which you’ll be shooting. Add a healthy dose of ‘cheating’ as I call it and you’ll help yourself immensely. When I refer to ‘cheating’ when shooting, it isn’t really. In fact, [...]

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