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Whitetails 365

By Tom Peplinski I apologize upfront. Many hunters and land managers find the subject of cover crops, green manure, and nitrogen fixation as boring. I guess it can be. These are the kinds of subjects that get very little if any air time on TV or in the hunting videos. Let’s face it, this subject just doesn’t sell! In fact, the whole purpose of planting cover crops or taking advantage of nitrogen fixation is to ultimately save you money and to help you grow great food plots. Incorporating cover crops as green manure and understanding nitrogen fixation will not only save you money (lots and lots of money) but will also help you attract and hold deer on your property [...]

Icing Walleyes on Spoons

By Bob Jensen Just as there are a lot of ways to catch walleyes in open water, there are several very productive lure types for taking walleyes through the ice. But if a survey was taken among anglers who like to chase walleyes during the ice-fishing season, I’ll bet a spoon would be the most popular lure. Spoons are popular because they produce. There are a lot of different spoons available to the ice angler, and each spoon has a characteristic of its own. Here are some ideas for using spoons to catch walleyes that are under the ice. The action of the spoon is of prime consideration. Some spoons fall fast, others have more of a fluttering action as [...]

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Selecting A Conceal Gun

By Mike Ware As the owner of a small arms manufacturing business and custom work gun shop, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “what weapon should I carry.” Frankly, this is tougher to answer than what you might think. Granted, we should all understand that carrying any weapon on the precept of self-defense certainly trumps not carrying a weapon, it becomes a little murky afterward. Soon after deciding to carry we need to narrow things a bit. I usually start any question like this, whether it be a carry weapon question or any other firearm choice, with “what do you intend to do with the firearm 90% of the time?” This question is not only valid, but [...]

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Snaring Coyotes on Edges & Points

By Joshua Jones It was January 2nd, 2008. My trapping partner, Justin Garrison, was riding with me headed toward a new farm we had just acquired to trap on and we knew it held coyotes. We turned onto the paved road that lead to the property and did what we always did. Drive around the property looking for trails leading into it. Sure enough, we found the coyote trail crossing the road where two fence lines met. Only thing was the trail disappeared once it got onto this particular property. Were the coyotes just spreading out once they crossed the road and wandering aimlessly? We drove into the property and started looking closely at the edge…no trail at all there [...]

Ice Trolling

By Rod Woten By now, any hardwater angler that is serious about catching fish knows that mobility is the key. Rather than sitting and waiting for fish to come to them, smart hardwater anglers know that they have to hunt the fish, much like a deer hunter might spot and stalk a trophy buck. Statistically speaking, the more water they can cover, the better their chances of finding fish. This reasoning is exactly why we drag crankbaits or Lindy rigs behind our boats in the open water months. The more water we cover, the more fish we will likely find. Trolling has proven to be one of the deadliest tactics that we can employ, so wouldn’t it be great if [...]

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A Boy’s First Turkey With Dad

As we wait patiently for the leaves to bud out and the grass to green up, anticipation grows for spring turkey hunting just around the corner! What better way to tide you over in the meantime then to read of two young boys shooting their first turkeys? Let’s go along with 8-year-old Luke Danner and 9-year-old Sherman Hayes as they find success along with their Dads in the turkey woods. Luke’s Hunt Picture yourself turkey hunting. You’re in a blind and you’ve called in three separate toms only to have a fourth troublemaking, dominant tom chase off all three before they could get to you. After agonizingly watching every single bird disappear time after time over the last couple of [...]

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The Art Of Shed Hunting – Podcast

Welcome to The Iowa Sportsman Podcast, on this episode we join Dan Johnson and Tom Peplinski in a discussion on shed hunting. The guys will cover when is the best time to located shed antlers along with locations where you are likely to find sheds often. The guys then get into why and how deer lose their antlers, then wrap things up with what finding a shed means and if it actually holds any weight into hunting strategy or success come next fall.

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A Best Kept Secret Revealed: Targeting Northern Pike

By Steve Weisman Mention ice fishing the Iowa Great Lakes, specifically West Okoboji and Big Spirit Lake, to anglers and their eyes light up as they envision chasing their favorite game fish. Yet, there is one prolific game fish that is often overlooked: the northern pike. Bays on both West Okoboji and Big Spirit hold excellent pike numbers. Mike Hawkins, Iowa DNR Biologist at the Spirit Lake Hatchery, says the northern pike is often overlooked and if targeted, the pike is usually a secondary target, often an afterthought. “The pike is really an untapped resource. Anglers just don’t seem to target northern pike. Numbers on Big Spirit are incredible right now. ” Hawkins estimates at least 10,000 adult pike (and [...]

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Whitetails 365

Planning out this Year’s Budget for Tools of the Trade. The highest return on your investment when making your hunting grounds better comes from habitat improvement. And taking into consideration all the ideas to make your habitat better, the best tool for the job is a chainsaw. If you don’t have access to a chainsaw, you’re going to need one to make this work. A chainsaw is required when creating man made security cover, interior food plots, and makes other chores a whole lot easier (cutting shooting lanes for example). You can pick up a used saw for $50. If you prefer a new saw you can get one for under $200 that will cover all the basic needs of [...]

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Hunting the Coyote Rut

By Troy Hoepker Only the pleasing sound of loose gravel under the tires of my ¾ ton could be heard as I slowly rolled up the lonely gravel road by one of my hunting spots. Darkness was slowly losing its struggle to grip the landscape as I stopped to glass a pair of dark shapes in the pasture of the adjacent field. “Aha, coyotes!” I thought to myself. It was that same resident pair of coyotes that I had seen on several occasions that denned way back up in the middle of this section. It was breeding season and this pair held a firm territory of at least 640 acres of almost impenetrable vastness. In past weeks I’d viewed the [...]

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