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Iowa’s Trinity of Trout Part 3

With mixed emotions, I sit down to write this third and final installment in the Trinity of Trout trilogy. On the one hand, I’m excited because I finally get to share some of my favorite streams in the entire state with you. But on the other hand, it’s a bit sad to realize that we’ve come to the end of a journey. Thanks for following along! The Decorah Fish Hatchery The trout hatchery (rearing station, technically) in Decorah is probably my favorite of all three in the state. The runs that the trout are raised in are more accessible than the runs in the other two facilities. The park-like setting is enhanced by the Civilian Conservation Corps era architecture of [...]

Don’t Be….That Guy

Throughout my life, I have stumbled across individuals who cause the rolling of my eyes. I’m sure, with a few reflective moments, you have experienced the same. This being brought to surface, we are going to take a look at the cause of such eye juggling, as it applies to hunting or fishing camps. For simplicity, upon which I tend to thrive, I will be referring to the camp culprit as “he” or “him”. This in no way is a slam toward the fairer sex (Why, if I wasn’t a member of the male persuasion, I’m pretty sure I would be deeply seeded in the fairer sex sisterhood!), it is just easier for me to enter “he” or “him” as [...]

Improve Your Archery Accuracy – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast!  Archery season is just around the corner and who couldn't use a little refresher on fundamentals of shooting your bow to optimize your accuracy?  After all how well you shoot is one of few things you can control when bowhunting for whitetails!  On this episdoe Ben Leal dives into the fundamentals of shooting and focuses on stance, grip, draw cycle, anchor points, aiming, release, and much more. The countdown has begun, if you need to polish up your fundamentals or are new to bowhunting listen in on this episode!  

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Top 10 Mistakes That Will Cost You Ducks

When you look at figures and statistics regarding how many ducks the average duck hunter kills in a season you might be surprised. I am willing to bet the numbers are much lower than many of you would suspect. Why? Because hunting waterfowl successfully is difficult to do! It is even more difficult to be successful on a consistent basis. Living in Iowa, we are fortunate to have two flyways relatively close and are also in close proximity to farm fields, lakes, marshes etc. While the natural habitat becomes less and less abundant, we still do see a fair share of ducks and geese here in Iowa. Like anything else in life, as you gain experience you begin to learn [...]

Whitetails 365: Septembers – Setting The Trap

I’ve always wanted to be a trapper; running the trap line on vast amounts of acreage. The anticipation or waiting game after setting the trap…what could be waiting for me around the next bend as my set comes into view would be exhilarating! Well, maybe someday this will happen. For now though I am not a trapper and don’t know much about it. But I love reading about trapping or talking with a veteran about the techniques they use. With today’s technology I can get lost for hours watching You-Tube videos on the subject. To a novice, it seems as though the best trappers have it down to an art. I love the detail and cunning nature of a trapper [...]

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Targeting Rivers

In terms of physical water area, rivers are the most under fished bodies of water we have in the state. This is mostly due to the fact that much of a river’s shoreline is bordered by private ground, it often takes a boat to fish places away from dams and public access spots and in times of low or high water it can be downright difficult or dangerous to navigate a boat anyways. They rarely if ever see pressure in the winter months and the nature of moving water isn’t easy to fish by some of the more common tactics used in lakes. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I really started to focus my fishing efforts on rivers. [...]

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Iowa’s pheasant population steady, quail down

Iowa’s pheasant population steady, quail down Iowa’s pheasant hunters should expect to find a similar number of birds as last year, with the exception of south central and southeast Iowa, where the pheasant population decline was more significant. Based on the August roadside survey, Iowa’s statewide average is 17 pheasants per 30 mile route, down from 21 per route last year. Map of ARS regions “The survey shows a population similar to last year for most of the state and based on those results, pheasant hunters can expect 2019 to be a near repeat in most regions of 2018,” said Todd Bogenschutz, upland wildlife research biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He said hunters shouldn’t avoid [...]

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Almost 10 Things Every Angler Should Know

There’s nothing quite like a tidbit of information to remind you of some of the basic gems that we as anglers should know. It’s possible that some of the things you know were insightful pieces of advice that dad or grandpa passed on down. And I’m sure that there are some useful quotes from gramps that well…quite honestly we’ll have to leave off the printed page…HA! KNOTS So let’s start with some of the basics here. Knots are one of the MOST important things you should learn to master at an early age. My son who is now 15 started learning very early on by tying the basic improved clinch knot. It goes without saying that every angler reading this [...]

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10 Things That Make You An Iowa Sportsman

Between political arguments, questionable media interpretations of events, which hunting brands are the best, and if it is really bad to wear white after Labor Day, it can be hard to keep a firm grasp on who we are anymore. With all of the hype about change and adapting to this “new” world we live in, I think it is important that each of us hold tight to where our hearts and minds are rooted. We as sportsmen, more specifically Iowa sportsmen, are some of the most versatile, persistent, creative, and innovative people in our modern society, and I think we can all agree that a day spent in the woods is a better escape from the worldly madness than [...]

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