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Improving Walleye and Muskie Fishing In Iowa: Part 2

Improving Walleye and Muskie Fishing In Iowa: Part 2 By Ben Leal In the spring of 2016, we featured a very similar article discussing how the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and researchers from Iowa State University were working on improving the walleye and muskie fishing in Iowa. “We observed a significant loss in Muskellunge abundance in Big Creek Lake from 2007 to 2010. This loss seemed to coincide with flood events during their spawning period over several years,” said IDNR Fisheries Biologist Ben Dodd. “In addition, we were researching harvests in 2010/2011 at Big Creek, by tagging fish and releasing them back into the lake; of those two tagged fish that were caught [...]

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Taking Your Inventory

Taking Your Inventory By Ryan Graden The summer lull is happening and if you are an avid whitetail hunter, I am sure you’re feeling the “cabin fever” like I am. So many of the fall and winter months are spent chasing these graceful creatures in the timber during Iowa’s variety of seasons. When the months are gone, right away we are already looking forward to the next season. By the time the summer months come, we are literally counting the weeks until the first season opens and we can again enter into the timber with the intentions of “playing the game” and hopefully coming out successful in the chase. Taking a good inventory of the deer on the property that [...]

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Bismuth Shot Fundamentals

Bismuth Shot Fundamentals By Nick Johnson Around the time I was born, lead shot used in waterfowl hunting began to be phased out. I vaguely recall my dad and grandpas grumbling about the lesser performance of steel shot for a few years preceding when I was old enough to know what duck hunting was. Nonetheless, this was the law and hunters adapted to various brands and sizes of non-toxic steel shot for waterfowl species. Fast forward to the 21st century and it’s becoming increasingly common for hunters required to shoot non-toxic loads on not just waterfowl, but also upland game on certain public ground opportunities. Steel shot is still the most affordable option in this regard, but a new wave [...]

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The Stunna: Championship Lure in the Making

The Stunna: Championship Lure in the Making By Steve Weisman For Dan Spengler, Senior Project Manager-Bait Development with Berkley/Pure Fishing, “it’s a dream come true.” Spengler was ecstatic as he reflected on the recent victory by Berkley Pro Staffer Hank Cherry, Jr., at the 2021 Bassmaster Classic. And why not? Spengler and his team worked with Cherry for over a year to create and design the Berkley Stunna, a highly sophisticated jerkbait that Cherry hoped would help him win a tournament like the Bassmaster Classic. Bingo! Nearly a year and half went into developing the Berkley Stunna into a game changing jerkbait, as evidenced by Cherry’s 2021 Bassmaster Classic victory. It further validated what Spengler had dreamed about since 2010, [...]

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7 Ways You Can Tune Your Archery Equipment Before Opening Day

7 Ways You Can Tune Your Archery Equipment Before Opening Day By Jessica Graham As October 1st approaches, approximately 45,000 Iowans will prepare for opening day of Iowa’s deer archery season. Horn hunters and meat hunters alike should be sure equipment is in top-shape before hitting the timber is pursuit of Iowa’s whitetail deer. There is nothing worse than putting a less than perfect shot on a whitetail, and by taking a little time to visually and physically evaluate your equipment, you can decrease the chances of that happening to you this year. Here are a few tips to tune your bow and to ensure equipment will perform to the best of its ability. A well-tuned bow and broadhead tipped [...]

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Fish Hideouts During The Summer

Fish Hideouts During The Summer By Todd Reed Summer time is the season of many opportunities. There are countless activities going on around each and every community, however most outdoors people still make time to go fishing. Those hot summer days are sometimes our only chance to get out and fish, so we have to make the best of it. Where do fish go in the hottest months of the year? No matter the species you are after there are many places to put at the top of your list and a few things we as anglers can do to increase our odds. The first thing we must do is to use the clock to our advantage. Anglers should focus [...]

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Keeping Opening Day Simple

Keeping Opening Day Simple By Ryan Eder Avery Outdoors, Southfork Retrievers You’ve heard the KISS model (“Keep it simple, stupid”) before right? It applies to many things, why not opening day? We await opening day with an intense feeling of anticipation and excitement, but sometimes we let it get the best of us with unnecessary overkill on what gear we bring, what we buy and so on. Waterfowl season goes by fast, and may feel short but ultimately there is a time and stage of each season where certain things apply, and certain things do not. I’d like to make a few suggestions about opening day to keep things simple and ultimately help make opening day more enjoyable and successful. [...]

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In Search of Mid-Summer ‘Gills

In Search of Mid-Summer 'Gills By Steve Weisman As a bluegill fishing fanatic, I love the month of May through mid-June. It’s spawning time, and this time period is a fantastic time to target big bluegills and lots of them. No matter the lake, they are in the shallows on or near their spawning beds. They are actually so easy to catch, especially the big fish, that I encourage selective harvest during this time. This is a time that we can literally catch five-gallon buckets full of big bluegills. That’s the reason for the 25-fish limit on all public waters. When you are catching those nine+ inch bluegills, I encourage you to keep enough fish for a good meal, but [...]

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Whitetails 365 – Fall Food Plot Questions

Whitetails 365 - Fall Food Plot Questions By Tom Peplinski Q1. How do I compete with the farmer’s alfalfa field next door? No matter what I plant, the deer won’t leave the alfalfa for my food plots. My friends can plant all sorts of plots and they all get hit. Why aren’t my food plots attractive? A1. I really think this is the most misunderstood thing about food plots. How can one food plot variety work so well for one hunter…and not work at all for someone else? The answer is not always what we want to hear. The questions are always what blend/brand are you using? Where did you buy it? Did you fertilize? These are rarely the issues. [...]

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