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Whitetail Habitat Improvement – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast. Join Dan Johnson as he interviews Tom Peplinski on later winter and early spring habitat improvement for whitetails. Dan and Tom discuss the importance of habitat improvement and get into some basics on what landowners can do this time of year to improve the quality and health of your deer herd, as well as keeping deer on your property come fall.

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Last Chance Longbeards: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Hunt Smarter

By Nick Johnson It was a warm May morning in southern Iowa. Gobbles shattered the shrinking darkness as the sun lazily drew closer to the eastern horizon. I was hunting with Patrick McKinney, Publisher of The Iowa Sportsman Magazine, and we had high hopes to fill his tag on film. We were near enough the roost and knew the patterns of the birds well. We knew where the birds would fly down to and where they spent the morning strutting, which happened to be right where our ground blind was set up. A perfect scenario right? As the light grew I could see many dark silhouettes in the roost trees no more than 70 yards to our right. The hens [...]

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Making Deer Jerky 101 – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast! Join Dan Johnson on this episode as he interviews Dan Turner about the steps involved in making his favorite deer jerky recipe. Included in the episode is a step by step process from meat preparation to the final product. Dan then gets into the specifics of each step and talks about equipment needed and what you need to know to get started making jerky on your own. Eating deer jerky to Iowans is like drinking water to others, we just have to have it! So if you want a great DIY recipe tune into this episode! Sweet and Spicy Whole Muscle Jerky: This recipe is for one pound of lean red [...]

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Feline Fever: Calling Cats

By Troy Hoepker Minutes of boredom followed by moments of exhilaration! That’s the feeling that accompanies calling bobcats. My heart began beating in a higher gear when I first spotted a feline bounding over the corn stubble towards my position. Their bounce is unmistakable. The next 20 minutes would give me a great look into a bobcat’s predatory behavior. An hour earlier, I had pulled my old iron sighted Winchester ’94 from it’s case, loaded up a few 30-30 rounds and headed over the hill from my pickup to try and get the drop on an old coyote. It was the end of January and even though I knew bobcats were near to this farm, coyotes were my objective. With [...]

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Compound Bow 101: What are the parts of your bow?

By Nick Jedlicka Okay, count me as one of the guilty! I was not always totally up to speed on what the various parts and functions of my compound bow were. Maybe this was not such a big deal. For a beginner, it may not be essential to know every tidbit of info – but it certainly doesn’t hurt! But, if you're serious about your bow, target shooting, and hunting, you literally cannot afford to keep yourself in the dark when it comes to knowing the parts that make up a compound bow! What I am going to try and do is shed some light on the parts of a compound bow and some of the functions of those various [...]

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Spread Out For Fishing Success

By Bob Jensen When we go fishing, there are a lot of things we need to take into consideration if we want to get fish to bite consistently. We need to think about where the fish will be when we’re on the water. Once we get that figured out, we need to decide what kind of lure to tie on. Some lures are better in the spring, others are better in the summer or fall. Even when we know which lure to tie on there are considerations. What color, what size, what running depth, what body material: These are all things we should think about if we want to increase our chances for catching fish. Sometimes, in fact most of [...]

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Coyote Mouth Calling

I could feel my heart start to pound, my breathing quicken and the hair stand straight up on the back of my neck, as a coyote let out a deep warning howl less than a hundred yards from me in near darkness! Warning me of his intent when he found me, this was a coyote that meant business! His howl was intended to scare me off before he arrived or else he would whip me out of his territory! But I held my ground, frantically scanning the field in search of any sign of movement in the low light conditions. Moments later, a ghostlike, large male with hair bristled, appeared directly in front of me, not 20 yards away. He [...]

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Gaining Access To Hunting Ground

By Dan Johnson For me April means two things, turkey hunting and finding new property to hunt. If you’re like me you don’t own your own property, you can’t afford to lease property, and you weren’t blessed by being born into a family that owns a large amount of hunting ground. Looks like your only other options are outfitters and public land… The fact is, if you want to avoid the rigors of public land hunting there is plenty of private property out there for you to hunt, and all you have to do is find it. And here is what you do once you do find it. Preparation The days of randomly rolling up to a farm and asking [...]

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10 Tips on Becoming A Better Turkey Hunter

By Matt Johnson Now that deer season is a distant memory, many of us here in Iowa are switching gears to begin pursuing turkeys. The excitement that comes from a tom gobbling on the roost, to having him strut all the way across a field right into your decoys, is what we all look forward to every spring. Unfortunately, more often than not, it doesn’t happen that way. In all reality turkey hunting is very difficult and challenges are around every corner in the turkey woods. That is the way it should be or else it just wouldn’t be that much fun! However, as hunters our goal is to always come back home with a tom in the back of [...]

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Hardwater To Open Water

By Ben Leal As March approaches there are quite a few anglers that start looking at their boats, rods and reels, thinking about the open water season. February is the time of year when in Iowa, most of the outdoor sports and recreation shows are taking place giving reason for thoughts of open water. Reality soon sets in as they peer out the window and see a blanket of snow covering much of the ground and fishing boats remain locked in their winter’s coat. March Transition As many ice fishing aficionados know, weather in Iowa can be unpredictable at best. Recent years have seen ice fishing seasons come to a close early due to poor ice conditions by the time [...]

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