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How to be an Ace at 3-D Courses

How to be an Ace at 3-D Courses By Aaron Stonehocker As bow hunters, keeping our archery skills sharp year round is vital to success in the field. Those short three and a half months we spend in blinds, tree stands, or stalking around the woods in search of our quarry are only a fraction of the opportunities we have to put our minds and archery equipment to the test. While there are several ways to extend our shooting season including indoor leagues, outdoor leagues, and of course good old backyard practice; 3-D archery courses offer archers of all skill levels the most accurate depiction of what we will encounter in the fall and winter when we are trying to [...]

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Choosing a Predator Rifle

Choosing a Predator Rifle By Troy Hoepker One thing you’ll probably never hear from me after I shoot a coyote that gets away wounded is to hear me exclaim that I didn’t have a large enough caliber bullet to anchor him. There’s always been a ton of discussion out there on which caliber is the “right” one for shooting coyotes. This article isn’t a part of that discussion. I’m not saying the topic isn’t an important one, it is. However, the mindset that I take to shooting predators at different ranges reflects on me as a shooter and not placing blame on the size of the bullet being big enough to do the job. Most of today’s popular predator calibers [...]

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‘Rats and ‘Coons: Tried and True Sets

‘Rats and ‘Coons: Tried and True Sets As a long time trapper it is great to see a bit of resurgence in the sport over the last few years. While trapping took a hit during the late 80’s and all through the 90’s and 00’s it appears that many trappers are getting back into the sport.  What’s really nice to see is some younger folks participating and getting started in trapping, something that I believe is extremely important to the future of this tradition. If you just started trapping, looking at getting into it, or simply want to get back into it and knock off the dust below is a list of ways that many trappers go about catching Iowa’s [...]

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The Other Masked Bandit: The Badger

The Other Masked Bandit: The Badger I was sitting on the phones at work one day getting bored with no one answering the phone and having read every trapper magazine and book I could get my hands on, I got to thinking about writing some kind of article. But what could I write about that already hasn’t been written in the countless magazines, books, and Internet sites? Then it hit me, when was the last time I had seen an article about catching badgers and actually targeting them?  I couldn’t remember.  So here is the outcome of that thought. The badger is usually an animal in the fur trade that isn’t highly targeted but usually ends up in trapper’s sets [...]

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Bad Weather Bass

Bad Weather Bass By Todd Reed Vacation time has been put in for, the cabin is rented and supplies are bought…and then Mother Nature ruins your plans to enjoy some bass fishing on your favorite lake/river. What are you to do? You should get in that vehicle and go catch some bass! Mother Nature can spring rain, wind and cold fronts on us this time of year but those are not reasons to keep your fishing poles at home. Yes, adjustments will need to be made and some extra clothing worn, but you can still enjoy that time off at your lake/river catching bass. In the month of June there are basically three different curve balls that Mother Nature can [...]

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Disappearing Act: Finding Post-Spawn Crappies

Disappearing Act: Finding Post-Spawn Crappies By Rod Woten It absolutely boggles my mind! How can the same crappies that were so bunched up and easy to catch during the spawn be so scattered and elusive after the spawn? How can they just disappear? It’s not like they grew legs and walked to another lake. They’re in there somewhere. Right? It’s just another typical year in the life of a crappie. Crappies can be challenging enough to catch after the spawn that many anglers hang up their crappie tackle until next year’s spawn. In fact, for many anglers the crappie spawn constitutes the ENTIRE crappie “season” for them. While I’ll admit that crappie fishing doesn’t get much better than it typically [...]

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Transition Walleyes: Post Spawn Behaviors and Tactics

Transition Walleyes: Post Spawn Behaviors and Tactics By Nick Johnson Many walleye anglers define this time of year as the post spawn blues. Depending on how the spring has gone, whether warm temps have held or cold temps prevailed this can hold some truth. I like to think of this time of year as an opportunity to intercept walleyes in their transitional movements between spawning areas and summer haunts. Either way it takes some patience, covering lots of water and willingness to change tactics. I’ve heard a lot of anglers describe the post spawn period as a “dead” time when the fish are recovering from spawning. This often falls around the walleye opener on bordering lakes when air temperatures may [...]

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Des Moines River Kayaking

Des Moines River Kayaking  By Ricky Kinder The trip wasn’t off to a good start. At 6:30 p.m. on Friday May 10th my cousin Nick and I were standing in what used to be the parking lot for the Yellow Banks Park boat ramp, but was now consumed by the swollen Des Moines River. Three of us were set to shove off our kayaks the next morning on an overnight camping trip down the river. This was a repeat of a trip we had done the previous spring so the route was familiar but the river looked nothing like it had twelve months prior. Now it was a fast flowing torrent with some very menacing looking logs and debris being [...]

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Chasing Early Season Northern Pike

Chasing Early Season Northern Pike By Steve Weisman When the ice begins to leave our northern Iowa lakes, anglers head out looking for ice-out smallmouth bass, pre-spawn walleyes and panfish. However, there is one prolific game fish that is often overlooked: the northern pike. In many cases, they are totally ignored. As a result, a lot of anglers are missing out on some of the best spring action around. Even if you don’t target northern pike in the spring, they will often target you! After all, they are the consummate predators and, as a result, take on pretty much anything they want. Most people that fish in the spring will encounter northern pike, when the pike decides to take a [...]

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