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Choosing A Handgun For Deer!

By Michael Ware, CEO Controlled Chaos Arms The best handgun for deer hunting you ask? Wow. That’s a tall order. A question like that depends on so many variables there is no correct answer that is truly universal. As you know this really hinges on things like your comfort and confidence with a particular firearm. Of course there are natural pitfalls to some weapons based primarily on their inherent characteristics. All in all you need to know those and just as important you need to know the ranges in which you’ll be shooting. Add a healthy dose of ‘cheating’ as I call it and you’ll help yourself immensely. When I refer to ‘cheating’ when shooting, it isn’t really. In fact, [...]

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Common Hole Patterns For Ice Fishing Success

By Ben Leal There’s nothing quite like getting out on the ice and finding yourself over a stack of fish after you’ve punched a hole through the ice. When this happens your confidence level skyrockets because you’ve just picked the spot! After what seems like an eternity all of the sudden the fish aren’t biting and your electronics are completely devoid of fish. And so you wait, an hour passes and you still see nothing. Peering out of the ice shack you notice that you are all alone in your neck of the ice and there is a small ice shack town a few hundred yards from your spot. One thing stands out to you though…there is a group of [...]

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Aggressive Calling Tactics for Iowa Coyotes

By Troy Hoepker There’s nothing like a full day of coyote calling to provide a perfect example of all the multiple ways you can have success, or failure, in trying to take Iowa’s most elusive predator! Last year my calling partner Mark Johnston and I had just such a day. After the day was over we had taken three coyotes on about seven calling attempts. A decent day as coyote calling standards go for Iowa, but it was the way in which we took all three of those coyotes that stood out to me after the day was done. We didn’t remain vanilla, boring or unimaginative with the coyotes we were after. Instead, we attacked them, got aggressive and stayed [...]

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The Quest To Get Shorty!

Beginning This story begins way back in the Fall of 2010.  I checked my email and noticed that my friend, Jacob Miner, who hunts a neighboring property to our farm, had sent me some deer pictures.  The pictures were of a nice 3-year-old ten he had on trail camera.  This deer was a little unique because his left G1 was shorter than his right, so we named him “Shorty.” Even though Shorty was only a 3-year-old, we both knew he would score at least 145.  In Greene County, a buck like that is considered a trophy and it was very tempting to hunt him, but neither of us could bring ourselves to shoot a 3-year-old, no matter how big he [...]

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Artificial Baits for Toothy Critters

By Kyle Wood When ice hits the waters most anglers jump at the chance to get out after their favorite species of fish. For many anglers panfish are usually the perennial favorite. Then there are those who like fish that get big and often can carry an attitude. Walleye and northern pike make up these toothy fish that anglers seek out her in Iowa. Often times northern and walleyes are caught by anglers on a set line with live bait or on accident on small panfish gear. This helps to add to the thought toothy critters are too finicky to catch through the ice. But for the anglers that do chase these crafty fish with a rod and reel know [...]

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Late Season Whitetail Tag Out Tactics

By Sean Wuller - Land Specialist with United Country Trophy Properties & Auction for Iowa As the end of the Whitetail hunting season draws to an end here in Iowa, some of us still have some tags that are burning holes in our pockets. While sitting around at our deer camp with our land managers & hunting buddies, we decided to come up with what we felt were our top 3 late season tag filling scenarios that we collectively like to use. Hopefully these tactics will help you fill your freezer and possibly put a mount or two on the wall this season. It’s all about the food When talking about our late season successes over the last 10 years, [...]

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Enjoying the Solitude of the Northwest Angle

By Steve Weisman Some people would think my son and I are nuts to spend four 10-hour days in an 8’ x 12’ ice shack miles from anywhere on Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods Northwest Angle. Just four walls with four ice holes drilled at each end of the shack, and nobody around but the two of us. However, we were literally in seventh heaven! Even with fronts rolling through, ice fishing on the Angle toward the end of January was awesome! Why the Northwest Angle I will be the first to admit that great ice fishing options abound in our surrounding states: South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and most certainly our state of Iowa. Our choice, though, goes [...]

Deer Hunting 101: Mentored Deer Hunts

By Ben Leal Alarm clock rings in the background…its 4AM on a Saturday and 10 hunters from Central Iowa are getting up and preparing for their very first attempt at harvesting a deer. Camouflage clothing…check…hunting license…check…extra cloths for warmth…check…okay, time to head on out for a 6AM breakfast and hunting area assignment. This is a mentored deer hunt out at Lake Ahquabi, hosted by the Warren County Conservation Board and sponsored by Ahquabi Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited. This mentored hunt is one of many that take place across the State covering a wide range of hunting activities such as ducks, geese, pheasant and turkey. “The first Warren County Mentor Hunt was held November 13-15, 2009”, said Warren County Naturalist Logan [...]

Ice Fishing Continues to Evolve

By Steve Weisman Over the past several months, we have taken a look at fishing changes over the last 60 years or so. The changes have been so many that books could be written about those areas of change. However, I would be remiss if I did not turn to one area of fishing that has probably changed more than any: ice fishing. With all of the changes since the 1950s, we have gone from what I would call the “dark ages” into the “new age!” Let’s take a look. Growing Up I have been ice fishing since the late 1950s, when I was a kid growing up in north central South Dakota. It was pretty rudimentary in those days, [...]

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Late Season Whitetail Strategy – Podcast

On this episode Dan interviews Top Peplinski on hunting late season whitetails. Listen in as Dan and Tom discuss specific hunting strategy for late season, what the deer's habits are, what makes them get on their feet, and locations where deer frequent when the temps drop. If you are hunting the late season make sure and listen to this podcast to help devise your plan!

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