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PVC? Is It Right for Me?

By Ryan Graden The Start Being an avid hunter, I have enjoyed the outdoors for many years. It all began as a five year old double-timing my steps in order to keep up with the strides of my father, uncles, and grandfathers as they walked through the timber. Every chance they could, they would pick me up on Saturday mornings and head into the Iowa woods for a hunt of some sort. Those experiences became a catalyst in my passion for the outdoors and I am thankful to have 29 years of those memories stuck in my head! As I’ve grown in my skills and abilities as a hunter I have gained a lot of success in many ways. When [...]

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Horizontal Misses: The Bane Of An Archer!

Are you one of many archers that can shoot 20 arrows at 20 yards and have all of them in the bull’s-eye, only to back up to farther distances and find your shots going awry either left or right? Join the club you are not alone! One of the most frustrating things in the world of archery is an inconsistent arrow grouping at different distances. The honest truth is that the reason behind poor consistency in terms of shot placement can come from many different areas. So many areas that I could write a book on it, and many people have. For the sake of this article and the space I was allotted I am going to discuss how to [...]

Basic Fishing Rigs Every Angler Should Know!

The State of Iowa is a diverse region offering anglers across the area a wide range of opportunities to chase after their favorite quarry. Whether you chase after bass, walleye, crappie, bluegill, catfish or any of the other 148 known species in Iowa, there are times when a special or specific fishing rig can help land bigger and better fish. We’re going to take a look at some of the common rigs for catching bass, crappie, walleye and catfish. Every angler has a favorite and there are those out there that are “specialists” when it comes to fishing for a specific species of fish. Let’s see where you might fit in. BASS Quite honestly, I could write an entire piece [...]

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Fishing Is A Rite Of Passage – Podcast

On this episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast join Dan Johnson and returning guest Steve Weisman all things fishing.  In the episode the guys discuss how fishing is a rite of passage for many sportsman and is something that is passed down from generation to generation. The guys then turn the discussion into tips and tactics Steve has learned over the decades he has been putting lines into the water.   Steve will also offer up a few of those "infamous" fishing stories he has experienced over the years.

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Target Time Fun at the Range

By Troy Hoepker There’s little I enjoy more than punching paper with a rifle fed with a new load to see how accurate it can shoot as well as how tightly I can place the groupings with my own skill. When achieved, those microscopic groupings are very self-satisfying and a lot of fun. But let’s be honest here; which is more fun, punching the same old boring paper all the time or shooting things full of holes and watching them fall over, blow up or disintegrate into thin air? Well, naturally, shooting stuff is more fun! The ideas are really endless when it comes to targets such as fruits and vegetables, cans, balloons, etc. and how we can mount them [...]

Curing Target Panic

By Jim Westcott No two words put fear into an archer more than target panic! Target panic is actually an unpleasant psychological state that yields the inability to hold your sight on the target without causing a panicked release. Target panic actually has many symptoms and differs from person to person, such as punching the release when the sight is in or near their intended target, premature release, loss of bow control, and even the inability to release the arrow at the target. Sufferers of target panic say they feel like someone is physically pushing against them and not allowing them to center their sight. Target panic s much like developing the “shanks” in golf…one day you can be hitting [...]

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The History of the Compound Bow

An overwhelming majority of archery hunters today use a compound bow as their weapon of choice. To many hunters surprise though the invention of the compound bow is relatively new in terms of weaponry, but it is an invention that revolutionized archery hunting. The first compound bow was created by and American engineer, Holless Wilbur Allen in the mid 1960s. As the story goes Allen was inspired to create a more powerful bow that was easy to draw and hold back after the launch of Hoyt Medalist Pro bow, that showcased vertical stabilizers in 1961. Allen had the idea that he could do it one better and add a wheel to mix. Being an engineer Allen understood the concept of [...]

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Survival: Stacking the odds in your favor

By: Ryan Woythaler Uh-Oh. There probably isn’t two more uttered words in the English language that have meant the end to more outdoor adventures than those two seemingly innocent syllables. Sometimes it’s as simple as forgetting to pack the ketchup for the burgers during a cookout at the park, sometimes it can be as sinister as wrecking the lower unit of your outboard on a rock, half an hour before sundown on a unfamiliar lake in backwoods Canada. Some things are simply beyond your control, but what is within your power is how well you are prepared to handle anything Mother Nature or Murphy’s Law decides to throw your direction. The Boy Scouts where on to something with their simple [...]

Wolves in Iowa: Then and Now

by Troy Hoepker Minnesota and Wisconsin wolf populations have grown to numbers not seen in over a century when they were nearly hunted and trapped out of existence in the lower 48 states. Each of our neighbors to the north had their first controversial wolf hunting seasons in 2012 since the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species Act. With the revival of the wolf, Iowans are curious to know if wolf sightings will be on the rise in our state. The gray wolf was placed on the Endangered Species Act in 1973. Areas of Northern Minnesota were the last places in the contiguous United States to retain a wolf population. Since that time, wolf numbers have grown to as [...]

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Inner Workings Of The Manchester Fish Hatchery – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast! On this episode, Dan is joined by Dan Rosauer, a Biologist for the Iowa DNR, to talk about the Manchester Fish Hatchery. The guys get into history of the hatchery, how it started, operates, and how fish are distributed.  If you are interested in the process of how a fish goes from hatched to being stocked into Iowa waters this is a must listen to episode!

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