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Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund and its impact on Iowa’s Natural Resources

Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund and its impact on Iowa's Natural Resources By Steve Weisman Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk around the state about the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and its budget. Basically, there are two areas of revenue: (1) The Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund and (2) General Fund money from the Iowa legislature. The Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund is generated through the sale of fishing, hunting and trapping license sales. An amendment to the Iowa Constitution in 1996 constitutionally protects these dollars so they cannot be used for any other purpose than for fish and wildlife-related research, education, management and expansion of natural resource opportunities in Iowa. These [...]

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Fall Structure: What Draws Fall Fish?

Fall Structure: What Draws Fall Fish? By Nick Johnson Finally, the blistering heat and humidity of this past summer is starting to thin out and cooler weather is on the horizon. Everything seems to be eating and water levels are generally very stable in both rivers and lakes. Fall is a transition time, slow as it may be at first, and an excellent time to catch a multitude of different species. Fall is also a time when the big predators feed heavily as winter looms a few weeks out. Iowa lakes from the southern border to the north, hill country to the flat plains are fairly diverse depending on what county you are in. All have some type of structure [...]

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Fishing Myth Busters

Fishing Myth Busters By Todd Reed No matter how often you fish, or don’t fish there are many people that have certain beliefs about fishing.  What makes fishing better...what you can’t do when you fish.  There are many myths about fishing that the common public say and truly believe in.  Perhaps Grandpa said these things about fishing, or the guide you hired in Minnesota mentioned it one time.  While there are many different reasons and circumstances that seem to make some days much better than others for fishing, the following “old sayings” or myths about fishing are simply not true. MYTH #1- If I have heard this once, I have heard it over a hundred times.  “Fish bite better when [...]

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Early Season Bow Hunting Mistakes, and How to Avoid Making Them

Early Season Bow Hunting Mistakes, and How to Avoid Making Them By Jason Smith Bow season rolls around the same time every year, but it still catches many sportsmen under and ill prepared. It seems like if mistakes are going to be made, they’re more likely to happen early, than at any other point during the season. Getting busted, missing a duffed shot, not seeing deer, or coming down with a bad case of poison ivy can quickly turn exciting pre-season fantasies and expectations into a season of misery and heartbreak. Here are some early season bow hunting mistakes that are commonly made and some suggestions on how to avoid making them. Aerial map scouting I believe that the best [...]

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Waterfowl Boat Checklist

Waterfowl Boat Checklist By Ryan Eder Most hunters are “gear guys”; we want to have the right equipment for every situation and even if we do not need it, it helps us sleep at night knowing we are prepared anyway. The duck boat is a special place. It is a mobile hide that we essentially live out of at least for a day at a time. It is amazing how much gear we need to spend a full day (or more) out in the marsh, or on the lake or river to hunt ducks. Here are a few “must-have’s” for the duck boat. Relatively speaking, most duck boats are 16’ up to 26’ long. While that may vary, it is [...]

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Fishing Big Spirit Lake For The Fall Double Header

Fishing Big Spirit Lake For The Fall Double Header By Steve Weisman Fall is always a great time for fishing. The months of September and October offer stretches of mild weather and beautiful colors as the trees turn a myriad of colors, and best of all, the fish are putting on that fall “feed bag” and are on that pre-winter feeding spree. Throughout the Hawkeye state, each region has lakes and rivers that are go-to places to fish. Here in northern Iowa, there are a wide range of lakes from which to choose. From Clear Lake all the way across to the Iowa Great Lakes, good fishing destinations abound. It all depends on what fish you want to target. One [...]

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Strategic Rooster Hunting

Strategic Rooster Hunting By Kent Boucher If I was asked to identify my greatest weaknesses I would be able to compile an extensive list within a moment, and one item on that list would be grocery shopping. I walk into the store, forget to grab a cart and then begin wandering aimlessly down the aisles waiting for my innate sense of direction to guide me to the exact items on my nonexistent list, that I was going to “remember when I got there.” Of course my hapless approach unravels quickly and what should have been a 35 minute task made easier on the wallet by carefully clipped coupons and price comparisons, turns into an odyssey which at its conclusion has [...]

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Overcoming and Adapting to Whitetail Obstacles

Overcoming and Adapting to Whitetail Obstacles By Ryan Graden Obstacles. Hate ‘em, but gotta like ‘em. Right? I’m old enough now to know that when things get in my way of accomplishing a task, I don’t like it. It might make things harder. It might add time to whatever I’m doing. It might create delays. It might force me in a direction that I didn’t plan on taking. Whatever the case may be, an obstacle alters your plans and our human nature doesn’t like that. Being a religious man, I’ve learned however, that obstacles develop your perseverance. That is, if you don’t choose to quit. This Bible lesson has also trickled into all areas of my life. Including the outdoors. [...]

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Targeting Wood Ducks

Targeting Wood Ducks By Nick Johnson Wood ducks are hands down my favorite duck species. Their curious behavior, the habitats they like to frequent, the male's striking plumage, not to mention their meat is better than a lot of duck species in my mind. All of these things combined and more are what put wood ducks on the top of my list. Hunting woodies can sometimes be a challenge. They often have a mind of their own and seem virtually unresponsive to calling or decoys. But then there are those days when a brick wall wouldn’t stop them from landing in your spread. Those are the days that make everything worthwhile. Finding Wood Ducks Wood ducks are fairly common throughout [...]

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Gundog Fixer Upper: Correcting Common Mistakes

Gundog Fixer Upper: Correcting Common Mistakes By Ryan Eder We all make mistakes. So do our dogs. Most of us train our own hunting dogs and due to lack of time, knowledge, experience, facilities and all around “know how” there are holes in the results of our effort. What are some of the common mistakes that our dogs will make and how are they caused? How can we fix them? I would like to look at critical “holes” in our training, and in our dogs that can make or break your hunting experience. Furthermore, for each issue we discuss, I will propose a fix that you can do with your dog to help the issue. Remember, a dog is never [...]

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