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Best Tackle for Catching More Walleye

Best Tackle for Catching More Walleye By Jessica Graham As spring approaches, Iowa fishermen pack away ice fishing tackle and prepare for spring fishing and walleye spawning. As water temperatures warm, walleye feed heavily to prepare for the spawn. During this time walleye hardly eat at all and then after their spawning period they are ready to replenish again. For this reason, timing, lure selection, and lure presentation are key elements to successful walleye fishing. According to the Iowa DNR, walleye spawning occurs when water temperatures in Iowa are between 42-54 degrees. States to the north, such as Minnesota, claim walleye spawning occurs during slightly cooler weather. Studies in southern states have found water temperatures need to be slightly warmer [...]

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3 Spring Mushrooms to Forage in Iowa

3 Spring Mushrooms to Forage in Iowa By Jessica Graham When spring rolls around and temperatures start increasing, Iowa foragers become excited knowing that soon spring mushrooms will be popping up in our Iowa timbers. Here are a few you may expect to see: Morels One of the first mushrooms to begin growing in Iowa are morel mushrooms. If you have spent much time in Iowa, you for sure have heard conversations in the spring revolving around mushroom hunting or finding morels. Morels are by far the most popular spring mushrooms found in Iowa and are often considered the highest standard for comparison when it comes to the taste of mushrooms found in the Midwest. The first little gray ones [...]

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The Lone Star Tick and Alpha-Gal

The Lone Star Tick and Alpha-Gal By Toney McElroy You may think this is a story involving two characters in heroic quests in the outdoors.  I can assure you, there is nothing fun about this duo. Anyone that spends very much time outside understands what it is to have a tick bite.  In Iowa, we usually deal with the deer tick or what is sometimes referred to as the black-legged tick.  These are the ticks that carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.  They also cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever and are the ticks that most of us are familiar with.  But what is a Lone Star tick and who is this ' Alpha-Gal '? Iowa is home to more [...]

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Walleye regulations being looked at on Iowa Great Lakes

Walleye regulations being looked at on Iowa Great Lakes By Steve Weisman The brood stock lakes of northwest Iowa offer anglers excellent walleye fishing opportunities. In addition, Big Spirit Lake, East Okoboji, West Okoboji and Storm Lake are home to the female walleyes that give up their eggs each year so Iowa’s hatcheries can raise the millions of walleye fry and fingerlings needed to maintain good fishing in Iowa. Mike Hawkins, Fisheries Management Biologist, and Jonathan Meerbeek, Fisheries Research Biologist, find that these are dynamic lakes and there is definitely a balancing act to help keep the lakes performing at optimum levels. Fisheries staff takes regulation changes very seriously relying on long-term data and the most current science. Hawkins notes, [...]

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Henry’s First Turkey Hunt. Part II

Henry’s First Turkey Hunt. Part II By Steve Bellrichard When the April 7th youth season opened, we were ready. We hunted hard that first weekend, getting up early and staying out late, but the birds nor weather cooperated. I was impressed by Henry’s patience and stick-to-itiveness. He was a real trooper, especially on Sunday. Sunday started in the upper 40’s, but the temperatures dropped during the day and by midafternoon it was snowing so hard we could barely see. I broke out the hand warmers and showed him how I like to use the ones designed to warm toes, which have a sticky side, inside mittens to keep fingers warm. Even with the hand warmers we both were getting cold [...]

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Making the Most of your Ice Fishing Experience

Making the Most of your Ice Fishing Experience By Steve Weisman Ever wonder why some ice fishermen just seem to have all of the luck and others seem to always be struggling? Here are some things to do so that we can achieve more fishing success. A lot of it has to do with preparation, using common sense, knowing the ice conditions and weather conditions. Here are a few suggestions to help make your ice fishing trips more productive. #1-Preparation It is important to make sure everything is ready to go, no matter if it is the first trip or last. Nothing will ruin a trip more quickly than having equipment malfunction. • First off, check your clothing, both the [...]

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The Art of Assessment

The Art of Assessment By Earl Taylor Fred Remington, the famous cowboy artist from the late 1800’s, once wrote describing a grueling 51-mile canoe trip down the Oswegatchie River in New York, “The zest of the whole thing lies in not knowing the difficulties beforehand.” For Remington, a big bend in the river did not bother him; he found it exhilarating; the unknown became a driving force that kept him paddling. The unseen and the unknown can trip up a hunter. Timbers and hunting ground evolve throughout the season. One day there is standing corn, the next day there is black dirt; the food source is plowed under. Much of what makes a successful hunter is his ability to adjust [...]

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Mobile Ice Strategies to Plan, Locate and Stay on Fish

Mobile Ice Strategies to Plan, Locate and Stay on Fish By Nick Johnson During the hardwater season, finding fish can be one thing, staying on them as they transition throughout the day is a whole other beast. Each species can be different in this pattern and it pays to burn some gas, battery or muscle, and drill holes in pursuit of a moving school. There are a lot of factors that play into how fish behave under the ice. Water depth, water clarity, time of day, time of year, forage available, bottom structure, just to name a few of the heavy hitters. A school of crappies in one lake for example may move and behave differently than crappies from another [...]

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A Boy’s First Turkey With Dad

A Boy’s First Turkey With Dad As we wait patiently for the leaves to bud out and the grass to green up, anticipation grows for spring turkey hunting just around the corner! What better way to tide you over in the meantime then to read of two young boys shooting their first turkeys? Let’s go along with 8-year-old Luke Danner and 9-year-old Sherman Hayes as they find success along with their Dads in the turkey woods. Luke’s Hunt Picture yourself turkey hunting. You’re in a blind and you’ve called in three separate toms only to have a fourth troublemaking, dominant tom chase off all three before they could get to you. After agonizingly watching every single bird disappear time after [...]

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