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Windy Walleyes

Windy Walleyes By Ben Leal When it comes to fishing in the wind there are two camps; there are the “I don’t fish in the wind” campers, and then there are the “I love fishing in the wind” campers. Ironically enough, both camps and fishing styles do yield results. But, when it comes to the walleye’s predatory nature, the wind can really be your friend. I was introduced to walleye fishing when I moved to Iowa. My first walleye didn’t even come from a local area lake or even a lake in the United States. The first one I ever boated was one of those deep bronzed back walleyes that many of you know of in Canada. There were so [...]


by Bob Jensen Walleyes are often thought of as a fish that inhabits the depths, and there are times when most of them will be found in deep water. However, there are other times, more than you may think, when you can catch walleyes shallow, shallow being eight feet or less. Here are some ideas for taking walleyes in shallow water. Walleyes spawn in shallow water, water so shallow sometimes their dorsal fin will be above the surface of the water. After the spawn they move into the mid-depths to recover from the rigors of spawning, or maybe they stay in the shallows and just don't eat much. But a few days after spawning has ended, walleyes will get active [...]

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Food Plot Strategy 101 – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast brought to you by Bondurant Custom Furniture! On this episode Tom Peplinski returns to the show to discuss the ins and outs of food plots when hunting whitetails. The discussion starts with location and why it is so important when putting in food plots. Then the guys transition into hunting strategy when accessing stands on the food plots. Then the talk turns to smaller food plots versus larger ones and why putting these smaller plots between bedding areas and destination food sources is a great strategy to use and how it can get you more shots at deer during daylight hours. The guys finish the show by discussing destination food plots, [...]

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In Search of Perch

By Steve Weisman It’s time to target yellow perch. Known as a school fish, it is easy to tell if the perch are starting to bite by looking for an armada of boats bunched closely together. Although perch populations are scattered throughout the Hawkeye state, the lakes of northern Iowa most consistently produce perch. Mike Hawkins, DNR Fisheries Biologist at the Spirit Lake Hatchery, says, “We are really at the southern range for yellow perch here in northern Iowa. They are more of a cool water fish.” Normally, when we talk perch fishing in northern Iowa, it comes down to the Iowa Great Lakes chain. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be lakes (many times shallow) that will all of [...]

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The Iowa Sportsman Turkey Gear Wish List

If you are a turkey hunter then chances are you love all the gear that goes along with it. Personally I have more gear than I know what to do with, but every year something new comes out that I can’t live without…I am sure the thousands of other turkey hunters out there no exactly what I am talking about! However there might be some gear out there that you haven’t had the chance to use yet or purchase for yourselves. Whether it’s because of the price tag, availability, or you simply have not heard of it yet. So, we here at the Iowa Sportsman put together a list of turkey gear that any hunter would be envious of. Listed [...]

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BY BEN LEAL Ask any number of fresh water anglers what one of the most sought after fish for table fare is and you’ll get a resounding response, “walleye”. Sure, crappie and bluegill will come up in that conversation as well, but walleye by far will always be in that list. The common name, "walleye", comes from the fact that their eyes, like those of lions, reflect white light. This "eyeshine" is the result of a light-gathering layer in the eyes called the HYPERLINK "" \o "Tapetum lucidum"tapetum lucidum, which allows the fish to see well in low-light conditions. Just what you wanted right? A lesson in fish biology...ahh, it gets better. This “eyeshine” allows walleye to see its prey [...]

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Iowa Lake Profile

Browns Lake Browns Lake is a 580 acre lake located in Woodbury County. The lake offers amenities such as a hard surface boat ramp, beach, campground and picnic area. For panfishermen, Browns Lake is an ideal place to try for big crappies. Crappies in this lake run the whole gamut of sizes but some larger fish up to 14” are not uncommon at all. The bluegills in Browns are average in size with some reaching 8-9”. The largemouth bass and channel catfish are abundant but many are smaller. The channel catfish can be caught on many different baits and a lot of the fish in the lake are the classic “eater” size that anglers love to catch, with a few [...]

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Shot Placement Guide For Bowhunting Turkeys

When using a bow to hunt turkeys, many different shots and angles will present themselves. To make a clean ethical kill a hunter must know where to aim on the turkey at any given moment. While a turkey looks to be a decent sized target to hit, it isn’t. The vitals are extremely small, near the size of a softball. Then on top of that you add the plumage of the bird and what looks to be a big sizeable target is actually less. The goal of any shot is to disrupt a combination of a turkey’s circulatory, neurological, muscular or skeletal systems. Below are several different shots and angles that turkeys will give a hunter at any given time [...]

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10 Food Plot Myths – Podcast

Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast. On this episode Dan welcomes Jessica Graham to the show. Jessica dives into some topics on whitetail food plots that might not be so truthful. Topics discussed include cost of creating and maintaining a food plot, varieties of species, size of food plots, equipment needed, and several more. If you are thinking of creating a food plot but don't think you have the means necessary to do so make sure you check this episode out.

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Three Simple Late Season Turkey Tips

Three Simple Late Season Turkey Tips By Ricky Kinder Gobblers are silent, don’t respond to decoys or calls, have been breeding and fighting, and have been pressured and shot at by hunters for over a month now. If you thought early season turkey hunting was tough then welcome to late season turkey hunting! However with all those difficulties mentioned above and a few unmentioned ones late season turkey hunting can still be a success for hunters, and quite often is. Is it more difficult to harvest a tom in May here in Iowa than it is in April? I would absolutely say yes, but it can be done with consistency. The most important thing to remember is that late season [...]

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