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Big Bite – November Bass

Big Bite - November Bass By Ben Leal Last month we took a look at October bass fishing and the potential that exists to hook into some incredible catches. As October winds down air and water temps will begin to drop and both you and the bass will slow down. In Iowa the average temperatures will range from 44 to 52 degrees for highs, and lows dipping down to the 24 degree mark. It certainly won’t be long before we’ll be looking for ice to punch holes in. You can also take advantage of the fact that by now most anglers have put their boats away for the season and the pressure on the fish will be light to non-existent. [...]

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10 Tips to a Successful Snareline

10 Tips to a Successful Snareline By JD Rogge I began my trapping career in the fall of 1984 at age ten, while growing up in a small town in Cherokee county Iowa. I could be found each morning after the first Saturday of November with a large tattered backpack on my back, stuffed full of traps and bait, riding my bike to the local creeks on the edge of town in pursuit of coon, muskrat, and mink. The late 70’s and early 1980’s was a time known as the Fur Boom. Fur prices were high, and a good trapper could make more money trapping than he could working 40 hours per week at his day job. Competition was also [...]

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Fallback To Shoot Bigger Bucks: Using Fallback Stands For Archery Season

Fallback To Shoot Bigger Bucks: Using Fallback Stands For Archery Season Have you ever been sitting in a treestand and seen a large mature whitetail buck coming your way only to have it skirt your stand by 70 yards for no apparent reason? I have fallen victim to this scenario more than once.  It is a frustrating ride of mixed emotions; one minute your heart is pounding as you are holding your bow just waiting for the deer to commit to the trail and the next moment you are standing there in disbelief as the large buck does a 90-degree turn and walks around your stand. Most of the time this scenario isn’t by coincidence. The fact of the matter [...]

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Aggressive Walleye Tactics

Aggressive Walleye Tactics By M. Doug Burns The torpedo shape, the big white tipped tail providing power, and those teeth, teeth that grab their prey and don’t let go. Yes walleye are predators, but not just predators, top of the line predators. So why do so many anglers treat them timidly, insisting on dragging baits along the bottom at a snails pace? We don’t do that with the other top predator fish, the pike, the bass, or the muskie. With those species anglers tend to think in aggressive terms. With walleye anglers I see it all the time, the backtrollers crawling slowly along the break, the slip bobber angler anchored on one spot for hours at a time, or the [...]

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The Retriever Hunt Test Study Guide

The Retriever Hunt Test Study Guide By Ryan Eder The most famous line from any bird hunter is “I don’t care about ribbons; I just want a hunting dog”. This was me when I got my first dog as well! The truth is that hunt tests provide a fantastic off-season activity for you and your hunting dog, as well as provide excellent guidelines and resources to help you train your dog at the highest possible level. After all, the more trained your dog is, the more enjoyable your time in the field with that dog will be. In my honest opinion I feel people avoid hunt tests because there is a lack of education about these events for people to [...]

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Whitetail Rut Q&A

Whitetail Rut Q&A By Ricky Kinder 1. Is using a decoy worth the risk or hassle? It seems like a lot of work and risk to maybe have a buck come in closer. If so how do you maximize your results? Personally, I don’t hunt with a decoy setup. I’ve tried it in the past and have not had much luck with it at all. It didn’t matter if it was a doe decoy or a buck, the deer that saw it seemed to be on “high alert” the moment their eyes saw the decoy. Their senses were heightened, they seemed alarmed, and wanted nothing to do with the “newcomer” that they were seeing. I think using a decoy is [...]

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Deer Decoy Mistakes

Deer Decoy Mistakes By Ben Leal As a hunter, I’m always looking out for ways to improve opportunities to fill my tags every year. I know that everyone reading this piece that has purchased a deer tag has had, at some point in their hunting career, tag soup. And, if you’re like me, more than one helping and in some cases it’s slow cooker tag stew because you have a couple years’ worth still in your backpack. In recent years deploying deer decoys has become more and more popular with hunters. While these can and do help attract and bring in those big bucks and curious does, they also add an element of error, namely you the hunter. So what [...]

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A new invasive hits the Iowa Great Lakes

A New Invasive Hits the Iowa Great Lakes By Steve Weisman I am sure by now that you have heard about the new “invasive” that has hit the Iowa Great Lakes. We’ve certainly had our share, and we have been warned by experts that there are a lot of other exotics knocking on the door. However, this is one that totally blindsided me: gizzard shad! The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) discovered 26, 3-inch to 5-inch gizzard shad, in East Okoboji Lake on August 11 as part of routine sampling. They definitely are not native, and until this point have never been found in any of the Iowa Great Lakes chain. Right away the DNR published a release about [...]

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Creating Entrance & Exit Routes

Creating Entrance & Exit Routes By Mac Chilton Without a doubt, one of the most over looked strategies in whitetail hunting is forming good entrance and exit routes to and from your tree stand or ground blind. Most hunters just don’t take the time to think about how they will get to their stand, and back, without bumping deer. Hunters often end up just utilizing the quickest route that they can find. However, if you spook all of the deer trying to get to your stand, there’s a good chance that you’ve ruined your hunt before it has even started. This simple, yet effective strategy, could be the difference between harvesting your target buck or eating tag soup over the [...]

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