The Five C’s To Fishing Success

By Dan Galusha

People have long talked about certain lures and techniques being the secret to fishing success. However, sitting back and thinking about the lures and techniques there is usually a reason as to why they are successful. In most cases they fall into one or more of five categories that create most successful fishing trips.

These five categories can be called the “Five C’s” to fishing success, which are casting, control, confidence, concentration and courage. While each is a separate part of the equation, they must work hand-in-hand to bring about maximum results.

The following breakdown explains each of the categories.

It is extremely important to learn the proper way to use spinning, spin casting and bait casting rigs. Each plays a vital role in presenting the many varieties of lures/baits available. As an example, a 1/16-ounce crappie jig would be the most effective on an ultra-light spinning outfit, while in the opposite direction a medium/heavy casting rig would be a better choice for using with a 1/2-ounce spinnerbait.

Once the basic casting procedures are mastered then it is time to move on to learning different techniques. These include flipping, pitching, roll casting, and “accurate” side arming. All of these techniques are very important to successful bait presentations.

Control is a three way street. It plays a big part in the aforementioned casting. Without it casting accuracy is out-the-window. Within this same line is lure control. Controlling the proper depth and speed of a lure is crucial to producing strikes.

For those of us using boats “control” is an absolute necessity. If at all possible always face the boat into the current and wind. This will provide more stability and maneuverability. There is nothing worse than being pushed passed a potential hot spot, or being turned in an undesirable direction. Proper boat control also aids in better bait presentation. With the boat pointed up current most casts will be made so the baits will be retrieved in a down current direction. In general, fish feed facing up current. As a result baits coming down current should produce the most strikes.

Perhaps the most important “C” of the group is confidence. Without this none of the others will work. Confidence must be had in baits, techniques, locations, and just about anything used. If confidence starts to waver in any of these during a fishing trip, then start changing to something that will give it another boost.

My most successful confidence “booster” is to tie on my 5 or 6 favorite and most productive lures, and keep switching from rod to rod until a successful pattern is developed. Once a bait and pattern are found then I may start experimenting with variations, but will return quickly to the original if nothing happens.

It is often difficult to do, but try to leave your problems on shore. As with anything else fishing takes a lot of concentration. True, enjoy the natural surroundings, as this is one of the most important elements of fishing, but give everything the bait is doing the most concentration possible. The slightest distraction when fishing a slower presentation, such as a plastic worm, jig or grub can mean a missed fish. Also, constant concentration will help in developing a daily pattern, as well as storing information for use on future trips.

Some tournament anglers will not talk to their partners while fishing. It isn’t because they are unsociable, in fact they may be quite chatty during a break or when on shore, but instead they are concentrating on everything that happens.

Courage in fishing doesn’t mean going fishing in a raging storm or on thin ice. If the fish were really hitting it might take more courage not to go into those conditions. With the fifth “C” to success it means to have the courage to change and build confidence in a different bait, technique or pattern.

Many times something has been a consistent producer when all of a sudden it stops working. Then it is learned that someone else is having success doing something different that is totally foreign to your methods. This is when it takes courage to try the new method.

Combining the five “C’s” on a consistent basis may take a little time and self-discipline, but once it is accomplished the accumulation of angling knowledge, and rate of successful trips will definitely increase.

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Until next time, get out on the water, and enjoy a great day of fishing.

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