New Bows for 2021

By Jessica Graham

The archery industry has witnessed a plethora of improvements, especially in the last 30 years. These changes have caught the attention of more and more archers and has aided to the popularity of archery and bow hunting. 2021 is still welcoming innovations to the archery world. Some of the technology we are seeing helps hunters with performance, and some add to the comfort and enjoyment of shooting a bow.

Since its entrance into archery, Matthews continues to make innovations on their hunting line of bows. Known for their solid hunting bows, Matthews’ 2021 V3 line will include improvements specifically for the hunters. For instance, their new compact frame provides agility for critical bow hunting encounters. The cable roller is now located at the exact center of the bow to help keep timing perfect. Matthews is calling their V3 bows their “most advanced hunting platform to date”.

Matthews is also making innovations to decrease the weight of their 2021 bows. New limbs and limb cups as well as a bridged riser decrease the overall weight of the bows. This is exemplified in the Prima line of bows. With a physical weight just under 4 pounds, Matthews designed this bow especially for smaller framed individuals and ladies.

Another industry leader, Hoyt, bows, has designed 2021 bows with a specific purpose. For instance, the 2021 Eclipse is designed for shorter draw lengths, particularly for women hunters. The fused cams are designed to maximize performance in a short draw cycle while delivering perfect timing. As with other manufacturers, Hoyt’s pocket design leaves the user with a solid connection between the limbs and riser.

Hoyt’s most rugged and durable bow for 2021, the Torrex, boasts split limbs that are engineered to survive 1,000 dry-fires with 80 lbs of draw weight and a 30 inch draw length. Additionally, the risers are designed to withstand 1,500 dry-fires. All around, Hoyt has created a tough bow for the avid hunter.

Hoyt’s 2021 Altus bow is designed especially for the serious 3D shooter. Two different options for cams are available. The adjustable DCX cams transform the Altus into a comfortable and forgiving bow for tournament shooters. Most of Hoyt’s tournament sponsored shooters prefer SVX cams which provide a solid back wall and allow shooters to match their bow specifically to their shooting style. Interchangeable modules allow for variable speeds and efficiencies for the shooter.

Bowtech also focused on improving the cams of their 2021 lineup of bows. Efforts have been focused across the lineup on keeping the cams synchronized. In the Eva Shockey Gen2, Amplify, Carbon Zion, and Solution SD bows (new for 2021), Bowtech implemented their deadlock cams and pockets. The deadlock pockets and cams allow the bow to be tuned with a screw driver and locked down to maintain the performance of the adjustments. Pockets on the bow can be tightened down to add rigidity and tight performance to the bow’s performance.

In addition to the cam improvements, the Eva Shockey Gen2 bow sports Bowtech’s deadlock cable technology. The technology is added to increase shot accuracy by decreasing the unwanted torque the shooter may apply to the bow. This bow weighs less than 4 pounds and was inspired by a woman for specifically for women archers.

A fierce bow competitor and local bow manufacturer located in Decorah, Iowa, Xpediton Archery, is raising the bar yet again for accurate performing bows for 2021. Experienced engineers for Xpedition have invested over 2 years in creating the 2021 X series bows: X30, X33, & X37. Xpediton bows developed a reputation for being extremely accurate while maintaining speed. Innovations for the 2021 lineup aid in locking down even more accuracy. Their energy transfer system minimizes movement on the cables and reduces torque. Combined, their energy transfer system and new lever cams are designed to maximize kinetic energy and accurate performance of the bow.

As with other manufacturers, Xpedition is making its bows lighter. A new carbon alloy blend knows as Xloy/Magnite allows Xpedition to produce a finished product that is among the lightest bows on the market today. In fact, all three 2021 models weigh less than 4 lbs. These light bows are perfect for 3D courses and for packing through the timber while hunting. This may be one of the best bows created by Iowans for Iowans.

Another Midwest company unlike any other is Gearhead Archery. Gearhead bows were created by avid hunters to provide flexibility in everyday hunting situations. You might have seen some other hunters using these impressively small axel-to-axel bows. They are compact to offer hunters the most freedom in the field. Soft and hard sided blind users like these bows because it diminishes the probability of hitting limbs and cams on blind’s sides and ceilings, deflecting shots. Tree saddle hunters like these bows as they offer the most flexibility and increase the mobility for the shooter. Field hunters use this bow for spot-and-stalk hunting. The short limbs allow hunters to draw the bow while sitting completely down with minimal movement. This is perhaps the best bow for predator and turkey hunting on the market for 2021.

For 2021, two new models are being released by Gearhead Archery: the Disrupter Pro 20 and Disrupter Pro 24. Gearhead Archery offers different cam adjustability for a better firing cam and accuracy. This helps reduce the amount of torque on the bow and increases the shooter’s accuracy. Gearhead Archery’s director of operations states the company tries to “give the hunting industry more than what they expect”. Gearhead Archery keeps their prices low catering to the working hunter.

Technology is not limited to bows only. Hunters require means for transporting and hauling their bows around the field. Matthews’ Silent Cam System is a kit compatible with V3 bows that allows hunters to attach Matthews’s Genuine bow rope and bow sling. This is perfect for Iowa hunters to transport their bows to stands and to safely haul archery tackle up a tree stand.

Hunters might need more versatile options for hunting in the field should consider using a Bow Spider system. The 2-piece universal system attaches to a pack or harness and allows hunters to quickly and easily grab their bow. No longer will archery hunters fumble trying to get their bow out of their pack. It was created by an avid hunter when his bow strapped to his pack cost him the shot of a lifetime. The bow spider is a packing system for versatile for bow hunters, 3D shooters, and other archers. This is an essential tool for backcountry hunters, but should be considered for those hunting Iowa’s public land, or doing a spot and stalk hunt.

Most of the improvements to 2021 bows focus on improving cam timing, reducing overall weight, and increasing the accuracy of the bow. Whether you are an experienced archer or beginner, the equipment for 2021 will give you the best experience to date.