Is A New Fishing Boat in your Future

By Jessica Graham

Over the past year Iowans have been spending more time together as a family in the outdoors. Fishing and boating have become popular activities where families can unwind, relax and enjoy each other’s company in the setting of nature. Perhaps you have been debating about getting a new boat. There are a few things to consider while making your selection.

Family Friendly Boats
If you would like a multifunctional boat that can be used for family activities and fishing, you need your boat to be accommodating for space and function. The boat should be big enough to seat any family members and friends you might want to take with you. Multi-functional boats should be equipped with a boarding ladder and ski pole. This way, kids can easily go swimming, tubing, and skiing. Shane Kendall from Great Lakes Marine dealership in Sprit Lake, Iowa often goes fishing in the morning and then spends the afternoon with the family tubing. A boat that is a good fit for this scene would be the Vexus series of boats. They tend to be affordable and will accommodate the growing family.

Another brand of boats that will suite the family and the fishermen are G3 boats sold by Chase Family Boats in North Liberty, IA. G3 boats offer anglers and families a comfortable ride with minimal movements. The G3 boats can be used specifically for fishing or you take your whole family out in the water.

Hunting Boats
Iowa is one of the best places on earth to hunt whitetail deer, and also supports some good hunting opportunities on the water. Bowhunters may want to sharpen their skills by bowfishing. Bowfishing boats should be stable with a large deck and be able to go into shallow water. Alumacraft makes jon boats that will allow bowfishers to reach the shallow coves for best bowfishing opportunities.

Waterfowl hunters may also be looking for a boat to use during Iowa’s hunting season. Alumacraft also makes boats particularly for waterfowl hunters. These boats have adequate storage for gear and decoys and are camouflaged to conceal hunters and dogs inside of the boat. Great Lakes Marine dealership sells Alumacraft boats and can assist with getting the hunters in your family set up for your next hunting adventure.

Tournament Fishing Boats
Avid fishermen often want a boat that specializes in fishing and may lack some recreational qualities found in non-fishing boats. While fishing in tournaments, boat with big motors can quickly transport participants from one end of the lake to the other for maximum time management. The Vexus boats have motors up to 400 horsepower, and Warrior boats have motors up to 450 horsepower. These boats can be used on big open waters such as the Great lakes. They can also help tournament fishers fish a variety of waters across large lakes in Iowa. If you are looking at one of these bigger boats, it would be a great one to take out-of-state and into bigger lakes as well.

Talking with a local dealership can help you set up a tournament boat specifically as you want it. Chase Family Boats in North Liberty, IA offer a wide section of boats appealing to the serious angler. G3 Angler boats, for example, are made specifically for big open water and tournament fishing as well. They also have storage for any rods and tackle you might need on your fishing trip.

Skeeter boats are another brand of boats that quickly come to mind when contemplating a quality tournament fishing boat. These boats are set up especially for fishablity according to Skeeter spokesperson Tim Reed. Skeeter boats are equipped with large fishing platforms and adequate storage for rods and tackle. The shape of the boat has a lot to do with the stability of the boat and will allow fishers a smooth fishing experience. Skeeter boats have undergone 100s of hours of testing particularly for the avid angler in mind. These boats also can move quickly and safely in big open waters.

Motor Selection
The motor selection should match your needs for your boat. Most outboards are equipped with super reliable 4 stroke motors up to 450 horsepower. For instance, Mercury motors sold in M&M Marine in Savanna, IL, offers a selection of motors for pleasure boats, fishing boats, and speed boats. Suzuki motors offer key new features such as twin contra-rotating propellers on the 300 and 350 horsepower motors for your family boats or tournament boats.

The level of technology is practically endless when it comes to setting up your boat. Today’s depth finders can now be used to download your favorite music and media. They even can be used to stream videos for the kids to enjoy.
Other technological advances range anywhere form self-deployed trolling motors and anchors to advanced fish finders. Mercury motors, for example, have joystick piloting for gas and diesel motors. They offer 360 degrees control. Mercury also offers GPS anchoring and Skyhook which keeps the boat on a specific GPS location.

Suzuki motors offer users keyless start systems, self-adjusting timing chains on motors, and water detecting fuel systems to add some features to your boat. Also, for their 2021 lineup, Suzuki will incorporate a device designed to help filter micro plastic pollution out of the water. Both Mercury and Suzuki motors and have a digital throttle for smother shifting.

One other way manufactures are trying to improve your boating experience is through mobile apps. These mobile apps can control a lot of the electronic and even motor features. Through your mobile phone, you can set up your boat, play music and control the electronic portions of the boat. Suzuki, for example, lets boaters send their authorized Suzuki dealer all the technical information needed for service and maintenance. Mercury’s mobile app allows you to connect your phone to your engine for complete data viewing too. The opportunities are endless.