Welcome to another episode of The Iowa Sportsman Podcast! On this episode Dan is joined by Steve Weisman as they discuss the recent Walleye Weekend held annually in the Iowa Great Lakes region. Steve goes into the history of the event, 37 years and counting, how it was started and evolved to what it is today. The conversation continues with tournament set up, rules, results, and prizes. Fishing isn’t the only thing going on either. Dan and Steve also talk about other activities like camping, hiking, and biking around the lakes. It is a one of a kind event that every angler should experience!

The discussion then takes a turn as Steve shares some recent walleye gill netting results from the Iowa DNR. Gill netting is a vital process to Iowa fisheries. It is used to collect fish, extract eggs from females and fertilize them and once hatched release them into other bodies of water to keep populations thriving. Very interesting stuff!