Teamwork Coyotes

Teamwork Coyotes By Troy Hoepker It felt good to be settled in and surrounded by the tall walnuts and old rough-barked hickory trees that grew on the hillside once again [...]

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A Waterfowl Journey

A Waterfowl Journey By Nick Johnson It starts with a change. That first real bite of cold in early fall when the leaves have barely started to turn and daylight [...]

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Winter Training Drills

Winter Training Drills By Ryan Eder Do not let the winter season be an excuse to not train your dog. Are you catching onto my theme this year? There are [...]

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Beware The Nightmare

Beware the Nightmare By Bruster Beaty As participants of the tremendous offerings afforded by the great outdoors, we are constantly seeking new adventures. I must admit, however, the most heartfelt [...]

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Prioritizing Your Resources

Prioritizing Your Resources By Tom Peplinksi For the vast majority of hunters, we have limited resources at our disposal. These resources range from our hunting equipment, to the land we [...]

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Bad Weather = Good Hunting?

Bad Weather = Good Hunting? My ideal weather conditions for a day of bow hunting whitetails would be overcast skies, a low around 25 degrees, a high of 40 degrees, [...]

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