The Gun Shy Dog

The Gun Shy Dog By Ryan Eder I can see how having a hunting dog that is afraid of gunfire is a problem, can you? It would be difficult to [...]

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Turkey Hunting Q & A

Turkey Hunting Q & A By Ryan Graden, Aaron Stonehocker, and Earl Taylor Time for some Q/A on Turkey Hunting and we are putting our turkey hunting freelance writers on [...]

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Whitetails 365: Chainsaw Habitat

Whitetails 365: Chainsaw Habitat By Tom Peplinski When it comes to whitetail deer hunting, most hunters will spend an enormous amount of time and resources on their hunting gear. Whether [...]

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Constructing a Pheasant Haven

Constructing a Pheasant Haven By Tim Ackarman By creating or enhancing wildlife habitat, landowners can turn almost any Iowa tract into a pheasant-hunting paradise. While introducing non-native species has often [...]

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Spring Food Plotting Q & A

Spring Food Plotting Q & A By Tom Peplinski By April of each year, if you haven’t already, you should be planning for the year’s food plots. The number one [...]

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“Wrapped up World”

"Wrapped up World" By Bruster Beaty As my AeroMexico flight touched the runway at Campeche International Airport, I realized the first, and easiest, leg of this adventure had been completed. [...]

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