Fourth Quarter Honkers

Fourth Quarter Honkers By Ryan Eder Whether we are talking sports or hunting, there is something about that buzzer beater shot or fourth quarter comeback that makes things exciting. Late [...]

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Bobcat Trapping

Bobcat Trapping By Larry Sills Catching a bobcat in a foot hold trap in Iowa involves unique methods. It allows the trapper to use his/her imagination more than any other [...]

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The Red Fox

The Red Fox Cunning, agile and charismatic are just a few of the adjectives that describe the Red fox. The largest member of the true foxes, the Red fox is [...]

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5 Tips for Late-Season Pheasants

5 Tips for Late-Season Pheasants By Tim Ackarman After several bleak seasons, pheasant hunters are enjoying a resurgence of Iowa’s premier gamebird. As fall yields to winter however, many turn [...]

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Dismal Days of a Fur Market

Every morning running the trapline, I’d roll up on many of my sets and find raccoon fairly regular. Each trap location that I’d scouted and set on was producing every [...]

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Late Season Whitetail Tactics

Being Prepared It’s never too early in the year to get your gun out of its case and practice. Try some different bullet and powder combinations. You may find that [...]

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