The Push to Opener

The Push to Opener By Tom Peplinski If you’re anything like me, once September rolls around you can hardly stand the anticipation for the season opener. Even during years when [...]

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Gundog FAQ’s

Gundog FAQ’s By Ryan Eder We thought for this month we would get away from covering one gun dog related topic and try to answer a collection of common questions [...]

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Game On

Game On By Jeff Wohlwend All spring and summer we relive in our minds last years deer season. Then gradually these thoughts fade to the past and our minds turn [...]

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Crucial Rut Tips

Crucial Rut Tips By Drew Henry As whitetail hunters, we all know that hunting the rut can represent the best opportunity to catch a vulnerable monster buck out in the [...]

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Whitetail Body Language

Whitetail Body Language Much like all animals’ whitetails have a language they use to communicate with each other. As a hunter it is important to understand, as much as possible, [...]

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The Hunting Buddy

The Hunting Buddy By Earl Taylor Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon general of the United States, has said in recent years that the most prevalent health issue in the country [...]

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