Shallow Water Spring Walleyes

Shallow Water Spring Walleyes By Nick Johnson Springtime is that classic time of year when walleye anglers get to dust off the open water gear and pursue this beloved species [...]

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Try A River This Summer

Try A River This Summer By Bob Jensen The Midwest is blessed with all sorts of fishing opportunities. Lakes, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs can be found close-by wherever you live. [...]

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K.I.S.S Catfish

K.I.S.S Catfish By Brad Durick In this day and age we all have the insatiable desire to learn as much as we can about what we love to do, in [...]

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Jigs in your Box

Jigs in your Box By Bob Jensen We often talk about fishing techniques and fish location and things like that, and sometimes we forget about the nuts and bolts of [...]

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Campfire Catfish

Campfire Catfish By Brad Durick Camping season is in full swing and it's time to enjoy some good food around the fire after a long day of fishing, boating, hiking, [...]

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Creating a Catman

Creating a Catman By Brad Durick DISCLAIMER: While this article should be very informative for getting a kid into catfishing it is also a gushing proud dad moment. Nobody thinks [...]

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Camp Culinary Essentials

Camp Culinary Essentials By Kent Boucher Pondering the motivation for modernizing daily human experience through the ages is interesting to say the least. No doubt the innate longing to behold [...]

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