Top 5 Flathead Baits

In the world of catfishing it seems we hear about the mighty blue cat or the abundant channel cat more often than their big cousins with bad attitudes, the flathead. [...]

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Don’t Be….That Guy

Throughout my life, I have stumbled across individuals who cause the rolling of my eyes. I’m sure, with a few reflective moments, you have experienced the same. This being brought [...]

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Targeting Rivers

In terms of physical water area, rivers are the most under fished bodies of water we have in the state. This is mostly due to the fact that much of [...]

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Locating Summer Smallmouth

By Nick Johnson  A sought after fish in Iowa no doubt, the smallmouth bass holds a special place in angler's hearts where they are found. Often targeted in streams and [...]

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Swedish Pimple
Chase on the Lake
Little Falls Minnesota
Lake of the Woods