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Heat of the summer pike

By Steve Weisman The heat of summer often leads anglers to think that the fish catching can really go in the tank! Not so fast. On the natural lakes that [...]

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Crankbaiting For Eyes

By Steve Weisman One of the buzz phrases in walleye fishing in recent years has been about pulling crankbaits. It sounds so easy. Just grab your favorite colored crankbait, tie [...]

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Float Tube Fishing

If you’ve read any of the articles I’ve written over the past few years, you’ve probably started to pick up on the fact that I’m a huge fan of fishing [...]

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Whiskers and Ditty Poles

One of my fondest memories of setting bank poles, or ditty poles as many call them, took place on the Des Moines River two summers ago. My friends Josh, Jarred [...]

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Swedish Pimple