Pre-Ice Ice Preparation

Pre-Ice Ice Preparation By Rod Woten It’s hard to believe that we could legitimately be walking on water in a handful of weeks. As I write this, it is 90 [...]

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Fall for Trophy Walleyes

Fall for Trophy Walleyes By Bob Jensen To many anglers across the Midwest, walleyes are king. Folks who fish like to catch walleyes. Walleyes are great on the table, and [...]

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Must Try Bass Baits

Must Try Bass Baits Every bass angler has his or her favorite bait that they take to the water whenever they head out, its just common nature for anglers to [...]

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Big Bite – November Bass

Big Bite - November Bass By Ben Leal Last month we took a look at October bass fishing and the potential that exists to hook into some incredible catches. As [...]

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Aggressive Walleye Tactics

Aggressive Walleye Tactics By M. Doug Burns The torpedo shape, the big white tipped tail providing power, and those teeth, teeth that grab their prey and don’t let go. Yes [...]

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The Ice is Coming

The Ice is Coming By Dan Galusha Ice fishing season is upon is getting closer, and that means getting the tackle and equipment out from storage long enough before the [...]

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Horsin’ Around With Redhorse

Horsin’ Around With Redhorse By Nick Johnson I can remember it like yesterday, sitting along the bank of a creek with my friend Dave drowning worms in pursuit of anything, [...]

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