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10/20/2014 @ 03:04 AM
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Large Private Gun and Ammo Collection!

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Over 150 very nice guns and ammo! Collector gun, many NIB guns, long guns, and excellent selection of hand guns, good hunters, C&R and a few wall hangers and parts. A large lot of reloading equipment, powder horns, knives, brass belt buckles, huge selection of nice gun books and much more related hunting, camping and outdoor recreational equipment. Sale will start at 10:30 so we can get it all in!

For a complete listing of all items please go to: http://www.smithauctioneersonline.com/auction_detail.php?id=226615

Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 10:30am
502 S. State, PO Box 434
Brookfield, MO 64628

Smith Auctioneers

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Emmet County Hunting Land For Sale

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40 acres of prime hunting property in Emmet Co!

Outdoor enthusiast and naturalist, here is an excellent chance to purchase a smaller tract of land with big-time benefits. The property offers – deer, turkey, pheasant, waterfowl and fishing all in 40 acres. The West Fork of the Des Moines river meanders through the property and provides good river access. If you have been looking for a property to build a secluded cabin and enjoy nature, this is your opportunity. For photos of the property and more info please go to: www.wolftracts.com

Price Per Acre: $3,950

Total Acres: 40 ac. m/l

Cropland Acres: 9.06 acres

CRP Acres: Total CRP 7.20 acres; 5.4 acres – $132.54/ac. rental rate Contract expires 9/30/16; 1.8 acres – $146.00/ac. rental rate Contract expires 9/30/20; Total Annual CRP Payment: $979.00

Location: From Superior, IA,1-1/2 miles east on Highway 9/A-20, 5 miles north on N-22 and 1 mile east on gravel road 360th Ave. and go one mile; turn east at the easement marked between the orange and white markers; take easement east/NE 1/2 mile to the post marked in orange, which is the SW corner of the property for sale

From Petersburg, MN take Jackson County blacktop #23 south, which then runs into Emmet County N22 at the MN/IA border, 2.8 miles; turn east on gravel road 360th Ave and go one mile; turn east at the easement marked between the orange and white markers; take easement east/NE 1/2 mile to the post marked in orange, which is the SW corner of the property for sale

Legal Description: The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SE 1/4 SW 1/4) of Section Eight (8), Township One Hundred (100) North, Range Thirty-four (34) West of the 5th P.M., Emmet County, Iowa.

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Tri-state Rod Builders Workshop near CR 9/20/14

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Sept. 20, 2014 - Saturday – Tri-state Rod Builders Workshop
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center
10260 Morris Hills Road
Toddville, Iowa 52341

I apologize for any cross posting – want to get the word out! Please pass onto others as you can!

Come and learn about rod building with many masters of the art form from throughout the Midwest at a beautiful Nature Center outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are arranging a variety of topics, demonstrations and exhibitors. Current presenters include Mark Blabaum, Sam Fox, Kyle Robinson, Andy Wolfram, a session on how to photograph your creations effectively by the past President of the Linn Area Photo Club – Bob Lancaster, and others are in the works. The meeting is free to anyone interested in rod building from beginners to professionals and all should leave with new thoughts and ideas on how to build better fishing rods. We will take a good will donation to cover food expenses at lunch. We will be drawing for a limited number of door prizes at the end of the day. Current sponsors of the event and door prizes include Batson Enterprises, Bingham Enterprises, Linn County Conservation Department, Midwest Rod & Reel, MudHole.com, Rodguild, Archies Handles, and possibly others that are yet to commit. We will have some complete kits, some blanks and other items you would love to carry home!

Topics we intend to cover this year include making dragon scales, shrink wrap grips, photographing your creations, Rod Building for Business or Pleasure?, Balancing form with function, Component fit and finish for a professional look and much more.

Part of the program this year may be a show and tell session with the rods folks have brought in to display their craft. We also will have a limited time at the end of the day for a little swap meet so bring in anything related to building fishing rods for a bit of buy, sell or trade.

Bill Pulk from Midwest Rod and Reel will be present and will offer a 10% discount on any orders placed with him through Sept. 13 with the merchandise available at the event – plus you will avoid the shipping charges. He offers Batson Enterprises components and blanks, if you wish to see his website look at his website here: http://www.midwestrodandreel.com/ If you want to just take a look at some components or shake some blanks you will be able to do that at the show as well. I call this a win,win,win.

For more information or to RSVP so we can plan an appropriate amount of food please contact Chuck at (319) 892-6485 or at Chuck.Ungs@LinnCounty.org There will be time during the day to network with other builders – what a great way to share your craft!

For those who have built custom rods before - please bring a few along to display your work, we’ll have racks set up to display all the works of art - it is always a learning experience to see what other folks have designed. During the workshop the last several years we’ve had visitors here from as many as 6 or 7 states. Hope to see you here.

For location you can click on this link for either a satellite view or a map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=217452777252840541028.0004bee7249aea224c3e2&msa=0&ll=42.082697%2C-91.764486&spn=0.001439%2C0.002401

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Iowa Sportsman we have a great deal for you. WOW!!! The best waders on the market for an incredible price!!! PRO LINE WOLF CREEK II WADERS MSRP $139.99, WE PASS ON THE SAVINGS TO IOWA SPORTSMAN $69.99 plus shipping. Click link to Buy Now: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111371942915&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

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Long Bow Building Workshop, Central City IA 6/21-22

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Saturday, June 21 - 22, 2014

Pinicon Ridge County Park near Central City

Over time, many types of building skills have been lost to modern manufacturing. A skill that is still used today, as it has been for generations, is bow building. If you have an interest in building your own longbow with the help of an experienced instructor, this is your chance. Gene Winter has been building bows for many years and will be sharing his skill with workshop participants on Saturday, June 21, and Sunday, June 22 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day. The workshop will be held at Riverside Shelter in Pinicon Ridge Park near Central City.

Workshop cost is $220 per person which includes one stave. Additional staves may be purchased for an additional cost. Pre-registration by June 18th is required, as class size is limited. For more information or to pre-register, contact Chuck at 892-6485.

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Tri-state Rodbuilders Workshop 3/29 near Dubuque, IA

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Tri-state Rodbuilders workshop in Peosta March 29, 9-4!

Held at the Swiss Valley Nature Center – 13606 Swiss Valley Rd – Peosta, IA 52068.

Join the fun as the traveling fishing rod building event returns to its roots near Dubuque. If you have been to the workshop at Wickiup Hill you realize what a great learning experience these events can be for those interested in building custom rods. We should have a good line up and should cover quite a few topics. Ed Karwacki will be presenting a demonstration on dying wood handles, Al Engling will be doing a presentation on Butt Cap Inserts, Mark Blabaum will be presenting inlaying objects into grips with casting resin. Andy Wolfram will be presenting skinning foam cores with carbon fiber. I may have one more presenter on Morton Guide Placement, but haven’t verified that. Scott Kleppe will have American Tackle prizes and Microwave Guide set ups for several complete kits to give away. The presentations will benefit builders of all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

Please send an RSVP to Mark Blabaum @ Hellsangler@live.com or let us know here on the Tri-State Rod Builders Facebook page if you will be attending, to plan ahead for food or to contact us for more information. The workshop is free – goodwill donations accepted for lunch. Bill Pulk from Midwest Rod and Reel will be there to sell components, also if you would like to place an order with Bill, he’s offering a 10% discount and will bring the components to the gathering saving you shipping. You can contact Bill at Bill@midwestrodandreel.com or you can call him at 612-720-5268. Bill’s web site is http://www.midwestrodandreel.com/ .

I’d like to also offer a table or two for attendees to bring some of your unused or unwanted components to swap or sell, I’d like to run that through the lunch hour. I’m providing lunch and will be accepting a goodwill donation for the food. There is no admission and the day is free to any that would like to attend, please RSVP to let me know how much food to bring.

I’m planning on opening the doors at 9:00 am for a meet and greet and will start off the presenters at 9:30.

Swiss Valley Nature Center 13606 Swiss Valley Road - Google Maps


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Fall Walleye Fishing

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Fall Walleye Fishing, Fall Fishing
Article by guest poster: Cody Brown

While hunting and steelhead fishing takes the prime interest of many outdoorsmen in the fall, for me fall is walleye time. As any die hard angler will tell you fall is definitely a time to get out on the water. All species of fish are on overdrive when it comes to feeding this time of year. The reason being is that fish are building up their fat reserves for winter, this is no different with the elusive Walleye. With this happening those who are willing to brave the weather and sacrifice some sleep have a great opportunity at some Walleye.

I like to get out just before sun down to as late as 2 or 3am and possibly even sunup if I’m feeling adventurous. Just being out on the water will not fill the live well, Walleye are very structure oriented fish so your first task should be to locate any possible fish holding structure. This can be rip rap shorelines, sunken islands, drop offs, and many other types of structure. My preference in the fall usually focuses on rocky areas and especially rocky windblown points. The reason being, that this is the only consistent type of hiding structure readily available this time of year for bait fish and other food sources. By this time of year weeds that would have served as a home for these food sources earlier have now died off pushing them into the rocks.

Now that we have found our structure we must now select a bait or lure to use. As most Walleye fisherman will tell say it is hard to beat a jig. I am a big believer in Northland Fishing Tackle Jigs and use them religiously. I usually use the Northland Fireball jig with a bigger profile artificial such as a 4″ Gulp minnow. With a jig I use a snap jigging approach which consists of simply popping the jig forward on a retrieve or troll. If your not that into jig fishing you can also try shad style Crankbaits or Stickbaits. Just remember natural looking baits for clear water and bright baits for dirtier water. With shad style baits its hard to beat a traditional shad rap size 5 or 7 and a Salmo Hornet. These two lures alone have contributed to many tournament wins in national walleye circuits. For stickbaits I prefer Storm Lures Thunderstick Jr’s, #9/#11 Rapala Minnows, and #12 Rapala Husky Jerks. These baits work good for me year round. Whether you choose a shad style Crankbait or a Stickbait both lures work great casted or trolled. If trolling shoot for a speed anywhere from 1.5-3 mph. You may find that on certain days you may need to go faster or slower than these speeds. Also at night you might want to consider using planer boards to reduce scaring fish if fishing shallow. If casting switch up retrieves until you get something to work. Anything from a simple retrieve to a stop and go retrieve can work.

These are by no means the only ways to catch Walleye this time of year and anglers should experiment as much as possible. However you decide to go about fall Walleye fishing always remember the guy out fishing always catches more than the guy sitting at home!

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Winter Urban Trout Stock - Lake Petocka

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What: The Iowa DNR will be stocking the lake with 1,500 trout
When: January, 25th
Time: Stocking will be between 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Where: Lake Petocka

Lunch will be served to the first 225! First come first serve.

Bring the family out for fish, food, and fun!!!

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A Hunt For The Ages!

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Posted for Larry Richards:

Jan 13 2012 I received and email from Bonnet Plume outfitters where I had hunted sheep. "Your wonderful wife has asked me to arrange a moose hunt for you, how does Sept 2013 sound” Think I turned her down? I am at the stage of my life where I do not wish any of the time left away, but I admit to looking forward a lot for the next 20 months as I gathered "stuff" for my next adventure. A heavier sleeping bag, some new boots, a new load for my gun, and a few other necessities were gradually accumulated. A second spot was open, and I twisted Dr. Stanley's arm until he decided to go as well. I think Connie wanted me to stay in "sheep shape", and I managed to stay close.

Sept 18 found us flying by way of Denver, and Vancouver to Whitehorse Yukon. No glitches at security, TSA, or customs were found, and all our gear arrived as well. We were scheduled to fly into base camp on the 20th, so I set out on the 19th to show Bill the sights I knew. As we returned at noon for lunch, we found that we were being sought, and the rest of our group was waiting at the airport for an early flight in to escape weather which threatened to stop flying for several days. A leisurely, night long, packing turned into a frantic rush, as we were ready to fly within 30 minutes. I love these charter bush flights, right above and even between the mountains until we landed on the gravel strip, to be greeted by our hosts and the last group of hunters flying out. We were cautioned not to be dismayed if we did not equal the 71-inch specimen that one had gotten, in that it would approach world record numbers. Some gun sighting, form signing, and companion greeting over we began to head for our respective spike camps. Some by horse, some by plane, some by ATV and me by boat.

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New Hunt Test Venue On The Move

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New Hunt Test Venue On the Move: Focusing on Education and Newcomers

Lindenhurst, IL – (November 4, 2013) – The Upland Gundog Association (UGA) is an organization that many in the hunting dog and bird hunting communities had never heard of two years ago when they began in 2011. Now, as 2013 is wrapping up, this organization has managed to appeal to bird dog owners, trainers and enthusiasts around the United States and even Canada. With over a dozen hunt test events, and 200 plus individual dogs participating in their venue, the UGA has caught the attention of many hunting dog enthusiasts.

“We are very unique”, said Ryan Eder, UGA President. “Not only is our venue more focused on the common bird hunter, but we are dedicated to educating people about dog training, and ultimately getting more hunters and dog owners in the field with their dogs. UGA hunt tests offer a test format for anyone, from youth or inexperienced handlers (men and women alike), to hunters, hunt testers and even professional gundog trainers”.

The UGA was founded originally as the Upland Retriever Association, with the goal of offering an upland hunt test for retrievers (not many existed at the time). “We recognized a lack of upland hunt test venues for retrievers”, said Ryan Eder, “but as our idea evolved, we wanted to apply our goals to all sporting breeds and offer a hunt test for hunters, by hunters. The same people that wrote the rule book are the same two people that judge the tests, eliminating a lot of political issues that many other hunt test organizations face today”.

UGA hunt test titles are not recognized on pedigrees, but the organization is not so sure they are concerned about that. When asked about getting UGA titles on AKC or UKC pedigrees, Ryan responded, “There are other hunt test venues whose titles will show up on a dog’s pedigree and we fully support those organizations. We even run our own dogs in them! UGA hunt tests are no walk in the park, and if a dog successfully completes one of our Gundog or Advanced level tests it absolutely proves that they are an exceptional bird dog. That is good enough for us”.

UGA is also concerned with providing an affordable venue for bird dog owners to participate in. Most hunt test venues charge between $45 and $65 per entry. To earn your title, most organizations require at least four “passes” (completing the test successfully according to the judge) which could total well over $200 for your title. Here’s the kicker; four passes would require attending at least two events, as they often only offer one test per day on a weekend. In addition to the entry fees totaling at least $200, you have to factor in the travel expenses and time as well. The UGA offers a chance for your dog to earn their title in one day, providing two hunt test runs per event and giving owners a chance to earn their ribbon in one venue for $99. “Dog training and hunting are expensive enough, we wanted to offer a worthwhile hunt test experience for the whole family at a reasonable price”, said Eder.

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