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    Taking my kid out for the first time this year.  He is 8 years old.  We have been practicing all summer long with my muzzleloader and he is hitting the mark good enough where I feel confident to let him go.  Any suggestions on taking a kid on his first hunt?  I want to make it a great experience for him so any advice would be great.  Thanks!

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    Are you planning on hunting public or private ground? And what part of the state?


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    Mosquitoes can be terrible in early fall…….  invest in a thermocell.    Also I recommend a small pop-up blind of some kind to hide movements so he/she doesn’t need to sit like a statue.  And lastly, a shooting bipod or something similar to rest the gun barrel on.  Lastly, avoid the mistake I made with my kids by taking it too seriously.  Make it about having safe fun,  not about filling the freezer.

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    Make it fun.  Make it all about him.  Bring some snacks, better yet stop at a gas station and let him pick out his favorite candy bar. People will kill me on this but charge up your phone some they have something to keep them busy early then take away the last half hour when it gets good.

    Keep them comfortable, laugh, have fun, have fun have fun.  Remember with a kid success isn’t measured by a deer on the ground.

    Proud pops of three kids that killed deer last year, 7, 10 and 12! It is awesome.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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