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    This is the fifth time I’ve tried to start this post, maybe the fifth (or sixth, I’ve lost track) is the charm???

    So on private ground, actually my dad’s farm, I have a favorite spot to call turkeys near the NE corner of the farm.  I think I’ve called turkeys every year I’ve had a tag and hunted it.  I’ve gotten a few people their first turkey at that spot.  However, being near the “corner” of the property means neighbors.  Back during deer season (when I was laid up with knee surgery) someone on the neighbor’s ground to the east put up a portable blind along the property line and left it up all bow season.  Now during turkey season, the same appears to be true.  It’s not the neighbor who hunts, but someone they’re letting hunt.

    So here’s the question, when you have no idea when someone will be in the blind, since it’s been left up, how would you hunt your favorite spot, or would you hunt your favorite spot?

    I would be setup a little over 100 yards away to the west and a little north.  My decoy would be south of me, so west of the blind.  There’s a small strip of cover between us.  I can easily setup so I wouldn’t be shooting in the direction of the blind.  But I have no idea if the guy would trespass if he heard or saw a tom or jake, or shoot onto my dad’s property, which would mean he could be shooting in my direction…  I normally don’t use a blind, I’m usually tucked into brush along a fence line.  If I used my blind that would be a bigger visual indication I was there, but people get tunnel vision…

    So I’m curious what other people would do, or actually do, in this situation?  Skip a favorite spot all season because of a left setup blind?  Or would you setup and if you don’t hear any hen calling then start calling?

    Unfortunately because of the lay of the land i can’t see if there are any decoys unless I get close to the blind and/or expose myself on a sidehill from my dad’s side.  And I don’t want to get that close/exposed and mess up their hunt if they’re in the blind.

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