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    Now  that we finally have some snow, is there anyone hunting yotes and is anyone having any success. i have heard mixed reports from the deer people but have yet to talk with anyone actually chasing them.

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    I went out this eve before sunset and stayed 2 hours after dark. Although I had multiple packs within a mile sounding off back and forth and responding to my calls, I could not get any to show up. I’m wondering if the ice covered ground with a little bit of snow messes with them as it is still sharp on their paws and they aren’t moving around much yet? Just my theory to make me feel better! This was in Decatur Co. Better hunting to come I think.     I attached a pic of friendly bobcat that did come in a few evenings ago, they are thick down here.

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    Nice Kitty pic!  That had to be fun.  Cheers

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    Hello, i wanted to ask your opinion about mobile decoys
    My friend wanted to sell me his decoyed duck collection. He said that this is the best decoys, that I’ve ever seen. I didn’t hear about minuses from him. And I’ve decided to ask you about them.I don’t remember the name of organization, but I think that it is “madhunt”

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    having trouble finding coyotes in my area. have some fellows hunting at nite with thermals. seam to be thinning them out. seem if thermals and ir scoopes are legal, hte poor men like me should be able to use lights to nite hunt.


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