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    Here is a picture sent to me by a friend who claims it is a picture of two of the wolves killed near an elk feed ground by hunters on private land next to the feed ground. I read about this in the paper 3 weeks ago but this is the first picture I have seen. These wolves were shot in the predator area where wolves can be hunted legally here in Wyoming now that they are delisted. So far according to the state web site on wolf kills hunters have killed 8 wolves and Wildlife services and a rancher killed 5 wolves that were killing cattle. So the total kill of wolves has reached 13 animals from an estimated population of over 300 for the state. According to my friend this was a pair that both weighed over 150 lbs. They were shot after the two fellows in the picture followed fresh tracks in the deep snow on snow machines and jumped the wolves. The area of the state they were hunting has received lots of snow this year and both the elk and wolves were down out of the wolf recovery area.


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