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    Last Friday was the last day of the late whitetail season at my place. I was in the shop cutting up a decent 8 point buck my son in law shot on Wednesday evening when I heard a pickup pull up. I stepped out of the shop to see a young couple get out of the truck. They asked if the wife could hunt deer she had a late season tag and was giving it one last shot before the end of the season which was in 45 mins. I said sure go ahead. I warned them about where my neighbors houses were and to take only safe shots. Earlier there had been about 50 whitetail deer in my field. When they pulled in my dog went nuts and his barking along with their vehicle pushed most of the deer out of the field. I told them to hide in the horse trailer I had parked by the haystack and they could shoot from it if anything came out. I went back into the shed and continued working on cutting up the deer. 10 minutes later I hear a gunshot. My first thought was accidental discharge. I ran out of the shed looked in the field and can see a deer laying with an antler sticking out of the snow about 250 yards out.  The wife was excited she had just killed this buck with her 6.5 creedmore rifle. Not an Iowa giant by any means but a good whitetail by Wyoming standards in our area.




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