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    This morning I shot a decent whitetail in my alfalfa field. I have been hunting since the special deer season in my area opened on Nov 1. I wanted to shoot a particular big buck but gave up and shot a smaller buck since today is the second to the last day. I shot him at 250 yards with my 300 RUM. The 180gr Accubond bullet hit him behind the shoulder and hammered him. He didn’t take another step.  Ironically when I drove out to get my deer the big buck was in the field breeding a doe and let me stop at 200 yards and didn’t spook. I loaded up my deer and the big buck was still there. I have one more doe tag I could fill today or tomorrow. I have let several other people shoot deer. Before the season opened I would count 90+ deer a night in my 30 acre field. This makes deer number 15 that has been taken here between  the general deer season and the special whitetail season. I need to have some deer harvested but I think all the hunting pressure did impact deer coming into the field. I had two chances to shoot the big buck but neither opportunity was a really safe shot. I have other farms around me and I’m extremely careful of where I shoot.

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    Nice buck and story Whip!

    It’s just funny how those big boys know when they aren’t in danger LOL!

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    Beautiful buck Whip!!!! Pretty amazing story to accompany this as well. sounds like a good year for you so far filling the freezer up.

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