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    Unfortunately CWD has spread across the state. In some areas 50 percent of the mature bucks test positive. The Governor appointed a task force to deal with the situation. Seems the more deer we test the more we find. It isn’t as prevalent in elk or moose but can happen. One of the proposals is to allow hunters liberal seasons with opportunity to kill the older bucks. In some areas teams of sharpshooters will cull deer. It seems pretty extreme but the issue has continued to grow. I know it’s not yet a big problem in Iowa but I suspect it will happen eventually.


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    Whip, sad but true. Game farms are the ones that got it started in Iowa.

    We have it in 3 countries now and the DNR here as opened extra permits and a special rifle season in these 3 countries to cull the herd down to hopefully stop or slow the spread of the disease.

    I beleive Wisconsin did something similar several years ago on its SW border. Not sure where or what they are doing now

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    Are mulies impacted at the same or similar rates to whitetails?  What about antelope?

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