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    My buddy and I drew our first Wyoming antelope tags this year and headed out last Friday for a five day trip, staying in Glenrock, East of Casper.  We did a lot of homework and were able to get a couple of good shots and fill our tags Saturday morning. With the locker being right near where we were staying, we dropped off the heads/capes and the meat and left it to pick up the day we were leaving. This left us a lot of time to figure out other things to do. We took our turn at some prairie dogs, which was a first for my buddy. He was hooked pretty fast. Nothing quite like exploding varmints!  More importantly, we did a lot of calling for coyotes. We ended up with 5 dogs in 3 days of calling. I will say they were very big on average, definitely bigger than here in Iowa and had beautiful fur on most of them already.  Our altitude for calling ranged from 4,000 to 7,000 feet and was from the hills/mountains south of Casper all the way up into the Thunder Basin National Grasslands.  The walking was as breathtaking as the scenery! We also stumbled into a couple of rattlesnakes, which was exhilarating. I highly recommend the trip up to Whip’s neck of the woods!



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