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    This season was my worst ever for calling dogs. I want to take this time and apologize to the guy on the site for not getting in touch with him about getting together for a hunt. We have a big case of mange where Im at and in my opinion our coyote population has dwindled. In some sections I couldn’t find a track which is unheard of. I did have one good hunt that happened east of Sigourney .I made a set on the river bottom with my brother. Getting dark, we heard one being vocal but she was a long way out (guess being 3/4 of a mile or more). I used nothing but howls and serenades on the caller. This coyote kept howling at approx 2min intervals all the way in to the caller. Every time she howled ,I would howl back. When she was real close ( about 50 yds)  and being on the river bottom, the echos of her howling is something we will never forget. Never had this happen in all the years hunting. She weighed 42 lbs but when I got her home  I found a small patch of mange on her. Anyway that sums up my season for the year. hope everyone had better luck……..

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    same here in adair co. also mange coming in. seams we just got over the last case not that long ago.

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