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    About where from Drakesville was this wolverine spotted?

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    well… if its someones pet just walk around there abouts where ya saw him dangle a rabbit by his ears with your arm straight out to your side and say…
    “Heeeeeere Whiskars…..Heeeeeere Whiskars” Im sure it’ll walk right up and let ya pet it…..LOL 😯

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    A few years ago there was a moose about 40 miles south of the IGLs, and we caught a badger last year trapping. So yeah, anything can happen, so I do believe the OP on this subject.

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    I belive him to, seen 1 for sure by Lohrville dead on HWY 4 back in the 70’s and saw that I belive was one in the 90’s along the racoon river in Green county while bowhunting… whatever the 2nd one was took a turkey off it’s roost and made the most eire sound I have ever heard….. I have seen live ones to in zoo’s and always was fond of them as a little kid while learning about wolves…

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    I’m about ten miles north of drakesville. Whats the whereabouts of this sighting. Would be good info to have.

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    I seen some Amish people by Drakesville one time.

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    Quote by: IAtaxidermist

    I seen some Amish people by Drakesville one time.

    Now that’s just silly talk B) 😆

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    If you saw one there is no mistaking it. Back in 89 or 90 I lived in south dakota and worked on a farm. There had been reports of some neighbors seeing one in the river bottom by the farm. I was out working a field and as I turned around on an end there was an old hay pile. I saw what I first thought was the biggest badger I had ever seen looking at me. I bailed out of the cab with my .22 and as I got half way to the pile the thing bailed out of that pile, it didn’t take me long to realize that my .22 was worthless, so back to the cab I went. It was deffinately a wolverine, about three times the size of a badger. I went over to the fence and watched him run away through the pasture for about a half mile. I will never forget it, it was one of the neatest things I have ever seen in the wild. Now I just need to get tangled up with a cougar.

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    Several years ago, mid 1950’s or so, a farmer South of Reinbeck shot a wolverine.
    For some reason the story can not be found in the, at that time, Iowa Conservationist Magazine archives. But that’s where I read it.

    The farmers name was Mitchell & the local game warden was Bill Boswell who was called in on the deal.

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