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    Waterloo/Cedar falls courier ran an article about the proposed windmill farm in black hawk county.


    Many of my neighbors, farmers, family, and I oppose the building of these 500ft behemoths in our neighborhoods. I object to more farm land being taken out of use, the health and welfare risks to my family and wildlife, the lower surrounding property values, and the eye sore these behemoths become in our rural landscape.

    It concerns me greatly how RPM Access and several Black Hawk County Boards are actively running a low profile campaign by using the 500ft notification rule to their advantage. Few if any neighboring property owners are being notified because they “conveniently” fall outside of the 500ft rule.

    I am concerned that without copious amounts of our tax dollars in subsidies that these windmills are not a viable green energy alternative. Turn off the subsidies and they will turn off the turbines leaving them to the taxpayers of Black Hawk County to tear down.

    It is time to say NO to corporate greed and stand up for our neighbors. If not now, then when?

    post a comment on the WCF Courier website, facebook page, or write a letter to the editor expressing your concerns.



    “Second Amendment – Either you are helping pull the wagon, getting a free ride in the wagon, or trying to take away the wagon. Which one are you?” -- IAShooters

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    Does anyone on iowa sportsman live within a mile of one of this landscape eye sores?

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    good luck stopping them
    we live in northern marshall county
    they are to the north and east of us
    and they are not close enough to us for us to be even compensated!
    they stop by early on and asked to sign on as friends of project and would give us a $100 one time payment.
    I ask the nice young man if there was any way we could stop the project.
    he said he was sorry but no it was a done deal
    I politely told him what he could do with his money and gave him 10 seconds to get of my property.

    windy days you will hear a roaring noise like the fan on old refrigerator.
    kiss over the air tv reception good bye.{ the faster the blades turn the worst your reception becomes}
    You gravel roads will be torn up for about 6 month and get used to the sound of heavy equipment and lights 24 hours a day during that construction period.
    On a sunny days the shadow of the-blades flashes over you yard.
    The view of rural landscape is gone.
    If you own an acreage rather than a farm expect a 30% drop in value.
    On the high side my 8 year old grand daughter thinks they are neat . {likes the flashing lights at night on the towers}

    sorry not much help but even after 4 years you think I would get used to it but still **************** off
    good luck fight it any way you can.



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