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    I had this posted earlier but not sure why it was removed.

    I am selling or trading my 100+ year old Winchester 1890 Octagon Barrel .22 WRF. The Serial Numbers indicate it was made around 1908/09. I would like to get around $700 dollars for it as it comes with several hundred rounds of WRF .22 ammo.  It is in amazing condition, the gun was reblued prior to me purchasing it, so it really looks like a new gun.  Wood still has wear but not bad.  it shoots great and is a tack driver.  Had it looked at by a gunsmith who informed me that it has a slight ring at the end of the Barrel, which i have never noticed, i have shot this gun hundreds of times with no issues so i don’t think it effects anything.  Since it was reblued it is not as valuable as the patina type guns but it is still a totally awesome very old firearm and really a piece of history.   I would not sell it but I need the cash to buy something else I want.  If you would consider a trade I am looking for a lever action Henry .44 or .357  or a Marlin 1894 .44   Give me a call at 619-665- one zero two two.  Ill try send pics to anyone who might be interested.  I tryed posting them and the post got deleted.  I live near the CR/Swisher area.

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