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    Hey guys, is there a strong white bass run below the dams at Saylorville and Red Rock in the spring? If so, does it usually occur in April before the crappie spawn or is it variable depending on high water and discharge at the dams?

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    I was just thinking about this and trying to remember when it happens. It seems like it coincides with the end of the walleye run which I can never seem to time right and usually hit the white bass run. I want to say the middle to end of April, and I’ve always felt that it is based on the water temp which is affected by the seasonal conditions and the discharge at the dams. Any of the dams on the Des Moines will experience a run and I don’t really know where in the river the strongest populations are right now. I do usually have luck below Red Rock and thought it’s not as crowded as Saylorvillle there are usually other people there and often times it’s hard to get into the most productive spots. I’ve not fished the Fraser dam since they removed the Boone Water Works Dam but we used to get into them at Water Works so I’m guessing Fraser is even better now. When I’ve hit it right it can be nonstop action and some bigger fish. Good luck if you go!

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    Wow, if you like white bass the Mississippi gets crazy runs behind the wing dams down around guttenberg and up North. The bass are huge. Several years ago we could not keep them off our hooks. It was non-stop action. Got so tired my arms were aching. Lost count of the fish and had to spend hours at the fish cleaning station. Good Eating too. robbie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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