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    Infractions will be dealt with depending on the severity. Severity levels will be broken into two categories of minor and severe. Depending on the severity of the infraction, a different course of action may be taken, but the usual outline is as follows:

    Minor Offence

    • 1st rule break – a warning will be issued and the user will be expected to correct the issue.
    • 2nd rule break – a second warning will be issued and a final remedy of the issue will be expected.
    • 3rd rule break – a 30 day ban will be issued.
    • After this it will be assumed lessons can’t be learned, so a permanent ban will be issued, meaning you will never be able to visit the forum again.
    • If you have multiple different offences they are cumulative and will be treated as one.

    Severe Offence

    • If any local, state, federal or any laws in nature are broken via your conduct on the site an immediate ban will be issued.
    • If any pornographic, illicit, graphic content is distributed on the website an immediate ban will be issued.
    • Any member’s account that is linked to SPAM, Malware, or other potentially site dangerous materials a ban will be issued.
    • Other severe offences are subject to one warning.
      • If the issue is not corrected the second offence will be a permanent ban.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of site staff, and they will be able to clear things up for you.

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