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    Infractions will be dealt with depending on the severity. Severity levels will be broken into two categories of minor and severe. Depending on the severity of the infraction, a different course of action may be taken, but the usual outline is as follows:

    Minor Offence

    • 1st rule break – a warning will be issued and the user will be expected to correct the issue.
    • 2nd rule break – a second warning will be issued and a final remedy of the issue will be expected.
    • 3rd rule break – a 30 day ban will be issued.
    • After this it will be assumed lessons can’t be learned, so a permanent ban will be issued, meaning you will never be able to visit the forum again.
    • If you have multiple different offences they are cumulative and will be treated as one.

    Severe Offence

    • If any local, state, federal or any laws in nature are broken via your conduct on the site an immediate ban will be issued.
    • If any pornographic, illicit, graphic content is distributed on the website an immediate ban will be issued.
    • Any member’s account that is linked to SPAM, Malware, or other potentially site dangerous materials a ban will be issued.
    • Other severe offences are subject to one warning.
      • If the issue is not corrected the second offence will be a permanent ban.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of site staff, and they will be able to clear things up for you.

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    Finally some ground rules are laid out for all you name callers and rule breakers!  hopefully this will clean this site up and get traffic flowing around here.  I am looking forward to all this spam going away and the site becoming easier to use along with posting pics being easier!  all the new traffic and popularity will be great. Spread the word…it is the only way!

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    ok.  so i can break the minor rules three times.  got it.  😉

    "I thought I trusted the rope until it mattered to me whether it would bear me. Now it matters, and I find I didn't..." - C.S. "Jack" Lewis - A Grief Observed

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    No 3rd offense and you can be back in 30 days!!!  get it right

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