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    1. Neighbor called yesterday morning and told me he had a bunch of coyotes calling just below his house most of the night. I couldn’t hunt until noon but agreed to come calling. I made two stands and on the second stand three coyotes came smoking in. I was lined up on the first one when suddenly he must have winded me about 150 yards out. He made the mistake of running broadside to the left and I put the cross hairs on him. When I shot he flipped over. I swung on a second coyote but short cycled my rem 700 and click on an empty chamber. Coyote disappeared before I could find him in the scope.  I put my gun down to stand up and the coyote I shot jumped up and took off. I took a second shot at him but didn’t connect. I spent two hours trying to find it. Lots of blood everywhere but no coyote. They are tough. But neighbor told me the weren’t howling away last night.



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