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    Got decent rain last night and temps were much warmer here this moring. What is everyones predictions on when it will explode with this weather forcast. I am going to look tomorrow

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    Buddy found big yellows yesterday but not me just ticks

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    I’m up in northern Iowa so I’m guessing if the temps stay up we should start to see them in a week or so. The trouble with that will be the weeds that come with the warmth too.

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    Went out last night for about an hour in des moines no mushrooms- one tick stuck on my back–I didn’t like it! and my 6 year old son started itching himself all over the place after he saw it and said dad that freaks me out…LOL 🙂

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    I was out on a bike trail in the DSM area last night and found four large grays. They were pretty dry, so I think they’ve been there awhile.

    Avatardoe tipper
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    Its been a weird year found my first on the 25 in ne iowa and only found 4 since

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    Found 8 greys and 1 yellow so far and one tick! haha thinking next week should be much better if we can get a few warm days.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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