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    Went to a farm we never hunted before and no deer hunters that we knew of. Lots of corn ground and timber. Walked in behind the farmers house and instantly were in timber with lots of hills. Started calling about a hundred yards in and after 30 min or so revealed nothing. Picked up and moved about another two hundred yards and crossed a small hay field and behind it was an unpicked cornfield. We were to set up looking into a timber but for some reason my brother wanted to overlook the hay field and unpicked corn where we just came from. I thought he was nuts but oh well. So hes behind me all cozy by a brush pile watching the grass grow while Im facing the timber. I start the caller with a couple of howls and two minutes later I here a shot so I switch  to the pup distress and here another shot. I wait a few more minutes and stood up to see him out in the hay field picking up his two dead dogs. Apparently they were laying in the same hay field over a small hill that was between us and the coyotes. It was more of a hump than a hill. If we would have made any noise at all or if the wind would have shifted just a little, we would have been busted. Not knowing the layout of the land we would have walked in a little different. So it does pay to watch the back door. Anyway it was a fun hunt and the farmers going with us this weekend.

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