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    Not a giant but its my biggest bow buck to date, so I was pretty excited!! Got in the ice cold Daniel Boone stand this morning, gets its name because the homemade stand is a little scary looking. HOWEVER ITS PERFECTLY SAFE! Only Daniel Boone himself would be man enough to sit in it. Anyway, the wind right out of west was just perfect, and saw several does feeding in the bean field just at dawn. right after 8 am i spot this buck, which i have seen on camera, heading North and checking scrapes along a fence row. He was on the move for some loving. My stand is just to the east of this traveling hub and perfect for a west wind. Deer never saw the arrow coming at ten yards!! What a morning and reward after many hours in the stand!! Got this buck in NW Iowa South of Spencer. For the last week and a half the chasing sure slowed down. Thank the Lord Almighty for allowing me a good shot!!! Not sure what it will score i hope its in the 130 range up to 140

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    Nice buck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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