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    Has anyone on here done any urban hunting? I’ve taken my Bowhunter safety course to do so. Just wondering how it is from anyone who has done it? I’ve heard stories about it being congested or people hunting right on top of each other any advice or input is appreciated.

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    I’d be interested to hear who was doing it, too. It’s a good question, I’ve never had such an experience, but it’s interesting to listen to people who have already gone on such a hunt 🙂

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    Did it for about 5 years.

    If you are wanting does it is not bad.

    Can be hard to pass on big bucks as they go by.

    I have been busted by walkers, some people looking for a make out spot, dogs and homeless.

    All kinds of things happen.  Usually long lead time on getting in.  Salyorville is good to get in on.  More deer, easier to get on the roster, only thing you usually run into our there is people cutting wood.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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