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    I am very confused about what i had just heard….Me and my brother are going to lake of the woods next Monday-Thurs, (Ballards) and we just heard that they do not let trucks on the lake, only the bombadiers. Is this for the whole lake or just ballards?? I would think that people drive on the lake but would like to hear from somebody that has been up there.

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    Can’t say for sure, but they’ve been having lots of trouble on Mille Lacs with too much snow on top of too little ice. The weight of the snow causes the ice to sink, forcing lake water on top of the ice. The wet snow turns to slush and makes truck travel almost impossible. Might be the same situation on LOTW

    I know on Mille Lacs, most resorts are limiting ice travel to snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. The places where they have plowed roads on the lake have frozen good & solid, but once you get off the roads to find fish, it’s a mess. Even the 4-wheelers are having trouble getting around….


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    lots of snow, on little ice, makes for no vehicle traffic…its a bummer, I just wish for one winter, we would get really cold, with no snow for a long time…

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    We go to LOTW every February, and by then there’s usually 3 feet of ice. I’ve been keeping in touch with the lady at the resort we stay at in the Northwest Angle, and she said the ice there started late, but it was coming along pretty well, and the fishing is off to a good start. Hope it’s as good or better this year than last year. We really spanked the ‘eyes, sauger, and perch last year.

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    They don’t let trucks on the bombardier trails, you can get a ticket. The reason is that the truck or automobile track ruts don’t line up with the bombardier skis and it will throw the bombardeirs around even could wreck them. I don’t think you can run snowmobiles or atv’s on them either. The resorts maintain these roads on the ice, they may have separate roads for other vehicles, I don’t know. I have always been on a bombardier out of Ballard’s. I don’t know about the ice thickness issue this year, I doubt that it is not thick enough, call Ballard’s and ask them.

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    we were fishing up around mankato last week. drove our f250 powestroke everywhere we wanted to go up there on the ice with no problem . I would imagine with ballards being further north you shouldn’t have a problem driving anywhere.

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    I’m sure there are a lot of people driving around up there.Most of the resorts want you to go with thier program.That is what you pay them for. There are plowed roads for do-it-yourselfers.You could find a plowed road that go for miles,just pay the access fee.7-10 dollars I believe.I am going up to the angle on Wednesday.They haul you out and bring you back.There is no way I would drive around up there on my own.

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