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    We recently moved to the Norwalk/Cumming area and we have an abundance of coon in our area (on our own property as well as inlaws across the road).  I’d like to trap them this season to help thin the numbers down but I’ve never trapped before.  I don’t want the animals to go to waste, but I’m also not looking to get rich either.  If there is someone in the area that would like to either help me learn what to do once I would trap the coons (will use coon cuffs since we have dogs in the area) or be interested in taking the coons once I trap them and use them for your own benefit I’m open to either!

    For reference, in one trail cam photo last winter I counted 18 coons in one photo, they’re thick!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds like you do have a butt load of them.  Good move with the dog proof traps and what I would of suggested.  If  you can’t have anyone chime in on assisting you go to U-Tube and theirs a ton of video’s.  Its pretty simple for coon and I’d give those little marsh mellows a try for bait as their kinda fond of them.   Theirs an  abundance of them everywhere as well as with the buyers consequently low prices and in fact a lot of buyers weren’t buying any unless they were 3X or larger.  So you may not have an outlet for any below that size.  So have fun and protect your property.  Welcome.

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    1. If u dont have any traps yet, I would highly recommend dog proof or dp traps for short. I’ve only done a little bit of tapping the past couple years and they work great. They’re easy to setup and use. I’ve never seen one set off and not have a coon. I would also recommend using cat food or sardines for baiting them. They are a little more expensive than traditional footholds, but you dont have to go through the process of digging out a hole and all that other stuff. Set out trail cams wherever you think or know where they are. That’ll definitely help on letting you know when and how much they come around. Do some research on the traps online, that’s what I did and that’s what made me decide to try them.
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