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    I think that we need to have some tournaments in other locations of the state other then just the Southeast part. The majority of people in the B.A.I. are in the SE corner. If any of you guys know some good places to hold tournaments in other parts of the state you should speak up. Remember that the lake or River should be able to hold atleast 10 boats or more with out getting crowded. I think we can make it happen, I take that back, I know we can make it happen but I dont get out to any other places enough. I dont wanna travel a fair distance and not have any luck if I dont even know if carp are at these locations. Just want some input from you guys accross the state. Thanks in advance Ryan BAI tournament director

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    Pleasant Creek in palo iowa, or Coralville Res. by Iowa City!!! Possibly even Dudgean in Vinton cant remember how big it is tho.. This is in central iowa though so it should be like fair to nothern and southern iowaners haha.

    Ps mcbride thats connected to coralville would be great too but they have a motor restriction!

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    western ia missouri river lots of bighead,50 lbers can b had grassies and yellers. you could fish 40 boats if u want
    browns lake ,snyders bend, grassies and yellers

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    The bay across from the Ike’s club on Browns Lake will be boiling with carp by mid May. Great place to shoot carp. 😉
    The Ike’s have a clubhouse that can be rented too. 😉

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    There is Blue Lake in Onawa Ia I heard they where going to Kill it off again do to the carp in it. I think it only been about 10 yrs from the last time.

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