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    This has been one weird year. I’m hunting NE Nebraska. There are a TON of birds in this area-a mix of Merriams and Easterns. The past 4 years have been almost too easy. We rarely had to hunt more than a day to fill two tags. This year is a completely different story, as I have about 25-30 hours over the course of 4 days logged in with just a couple close calls but haven’t been able to get a clear shot at a bird under 40 yards. Had a couple hang-ups around 50 years and one that exposed half its head at about 10 yards for just a few seconds but couldn’t get a shot off. Pulled a rookie mistake of setting up with a fence between me and the birds at around 60 yards…that was my bad. Otherwise these birds have been henned up or just plain uninterested in coming to the call.
    While usually a run and gun kind of a guy, I did set up on the roost one morning and had a string of about 15 birds walk by about 40 yards out of range-3 big toms and a bunch of hens. I have a full strut tom decoy I’ve never used before but am gonna give this a shot off the roost. This group of birds have roosted in the same spot for the past few years and appear to take the same way off the roost every morning—we miscalculated the route the first day but once I saw where they walked that morning, discovered an absolute highway where we saw them walking. We set up in the bottom of a valley that leads to a pond where they roost above, but they walk the high ridge in very thick cover. It might be a difficult setting up within range of their path, as it’s so thick above it and a VERY steep hill. Would my best bet be to set up the strutting tom with a hen and a jake (all the decoys i have) in the bottom within sight of the group as they walk out? Do I throw a couple gobbles out while the birds are still on the roost along with some subtle yelps? Also, do I set the tom to face me?

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    I almost always use a jake instead of Tom.went out 2nd season(bow) had a Tom setup and had a Tom skirt it twice. Went out following weekend with a jake and 2hens. 3toms and jake came in attacked my jake and tried to breed one of my hens. I like to use a jake and 1 or 2hens. Each hunt is different the birds moods change often. Experiment and try different set ups and calls. Being where they want to be is more important than set up in my opinion

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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