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    An IFC member spoke directly with Senator Joni Ernst yesterday at a Town Meeting in Butler County yesterday. The anti-2A speaking to your Senator out numbered the pro-2A supporters three to one!!

    We need to start showing up at these meetings because the anti-gunners sure are. Get organized, get family and friends to go with you to these meetings and respectfully let them know your 2A views.

    Richard S Rogers from the IFC says Sen. Ernst is holding a town hall meeting in Polk county THIS Saturday, Aug. 17 at Wallace School in Johnston. 7:30am to 9am. Get there early, as the screwy socialists are organizing to pack the hall with their activists. The Senator’s campaign will meet by 7:00 and have free Casey’s breakfast pizza and JONI T-shirts for those who are interested.

    6207 NW 62nd Ave, Johnston, IA 50131

    Remember, this is at a school, so place your UNLOADED firearms in the trunk or in a closed and fastened container BEFORE driving onto school property. (I’d hoped we’d have this problem fixed by now. We’ll try again in the next legislative session. 🙁 )

    This is a great opportunity for pro-2A people in central Iowa to let Senator Ernst (and by extension, Sen. Grassley) how WE feel about the Left’s knee-jerk attempts to use tragic crimes as a lever to force enactment of ineffective, intrusive and UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun control.

    “Second Amendment – Either you are helping pull the wagon, getting a free ride in the wagon, or trying to take away the wagon. Which one are you?” -- IAShooters

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