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    I toss in an AR15 I built a number of years ago each time I take the truck somewhere I might need a little bang…  Nothing fancy, just a 16″ rig with iron sights, a really tough bolt and barrel, a nice comp the cuts muzzle movement, and a tactile trigger that I can use whether my fingers are cold or not…

    I’m seriously considering something shorter.  Maybe an AR pistol or the likes.  I like the idea of having something I can use for things that pop up, self defense, or maybe even the coyote that begs for sweet relief…  Anybody got any suggestions?  I’m guessing chambering this in 556 is the way to go, but I’ve considered a few others…




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    Probably not the direction you’re going, but I’ve thought the Remington tac 14 shotty, and all the different variants and versions from all the different makers, would make an interesting and very potent truck gun.  Maybe it would be a good compliment to an AR truck gun.  😉

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    I posted yesterday on this thread. I saw an error so I opened edit changed my error and then my post disappeared. Frustrating


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    Sounds like an SBR would be perfect. If only you knew someone that specialized in such things….

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    9mm PCC that uses Glock mags for self defense, uses the same mags as Glock pistol for carry gun.  can wack a coyote out to 100 yards no prob too.

    If coyotes are more of a problem, AR-15 in 5.56 sbr with side folder stock and 1-4 scope.  compact but can still reach out and wack the occasional coyote, can also be used for self defense.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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