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    A heavy dew on the grass as you walk to your stand in the pre dawn darkness…Orion, lone hunter of the night sky, bold and fearless in the Southeastern sky…a lone owl hoots as his nightly hunt is near completion…climbing into your treestand, the anticipation is unbearable…a pale indigo glow envolopes your suroundings…all creatures great and small begin to stir…a sureal sense of relaxation takes over…time passes ever so slowly…there’s no longer a sense of urgency, no deadlines, no schedules…just you, God, and all of his wonderful creation. Some of us hunt to kill, some of us kill to have hunted. Either way, all of us should take some time while we are hunting and remind ourselves how fortunate we are to be blessed with an oppurtunity to observe nature at work. The cycle of life and death, our minute significance in the grand scheme of things, and our common bond to all things living. In this age of E-commerce and shrink wrapped beef it’s a great feeling to know that you are capable of providing for you and your family just as our ancestors did for countless eons. I’ve always wondered why the leaves change color in the autumn, and today I now know why…it’s God’s gift to the bowhunter.


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