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    doe or fawn makes no difference for me. the only ones that get a pass are the ones that still have spots. for me it’s about filling the freezer. almost all the meat eaten for me comes from what I hunt through out the year.

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    ive never really thought about it. if a deer comes out and its close enuff and i feel like putting meat in freezer and dont think a buck is trailing then i shoot it. sometimes there big sometimes there small.

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    Yeah overall I haven’t noticed a major taste different from mature doe to young deer as much as the tenderness difference due to their juvenile muscle definition. I would surely agree that preparing them correctly is the most important factor for getting the best possible tasting meat from the kill on a consistent basis but they certainly don’t all taste the same to me. A old buck doesn’t taste quite as good as a doe from my experiences and quality of meat from some animals can be higher than others. It has always been rare we have shot a animal that had to much of a different/distinct taste as the rest but a few have been using the same preparation methods. With all that being said venison is all good and if it’s time to fill the tag and cooler, If it’s brown it’s down!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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