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    I went to a gun show on Sunday looking for a saddle gun for my son to pack on his back country patrols. He has been carrying either a 12 gauge shotgun with slugs and buck for bears in the summer. Or his Remington 700 338 RUM or Remington 700 .308 rifle in the fall hunting season. His complaint is that after several days of riding he gets tired of the Remington 700 under his leg but likes a scoped rifle in case he gets a chance at a wolf. He has a Winchester Model 94 I bought for him and loves the way it packs on his saddle but doesn’t like the shorter range capability it offers. He really likes the .308 cartridge and wants to find a flat sided lever gun that will pack in a saddle scabbard easily. I found a Browning BLR in 3006 but he wants to stick with .308. Talked with a couple of dealers and was told to look at a Henry Long Ranger or a Browning BLR. I gather both offer relatively easy scope mounting and are both chambered in .308. Anybody shot either of these rifles? Also I have not handled any of the Henry rifles is the quality any good? I have not owned many Browning rifles but the one I do have is well made. I assume they are still a quality firearm?


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