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    Would this be a first time tourney or has it been held in the past? Also, how many entries to date? Is the ice safe enuf for ATV travel over all the lake or are there some soft spots? What is the water clarity like? cloudy or clear?Thanx for any info and appreciated. 😉

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    We’ve done a couple of tournaments in the past. Last year the ice went bad and had to cancel. This year there’s plenty of ice and the fish are biting! 😀 We’ve got several dozen signed up so far but we have handed out hundreds of entry forms. We’ve got people from Kansas to Minnesota signed up and we’re expecting a good turn out. There is 20-24″ of ice on nearly every part of the lake. There are many trucks driving all over. There’s a few areas where you need to be careful and avoid at least by vehicle…Casino Marina(there’s aerators near the docks), the East boat ramp where the dredge water drains back into the lake, and there’s been a couple of trucks get stuck at the Bel Air Beach ramp. Deep snow and some slush there. There is a large slush pocket on the West side of the lake, South of the inlet by about 200 yards…it’s about 15 yards off shore. From experience…stay away from that! Once I hit it I made it about 20 yards before burying it. It took me an hour to dig out my atv. It should be clearly marked my snow piles! We can show you on a lake map the areas to avoid the day of the tournament. The water clarity varies depending on where you’re at. Some areas you won’t be able to see the bottom of your hole and other areas you may be able to see several feet down.

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    me and my dad r signed up

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    sending in our aps tomorrow

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    Myself and 3 or 4 other buddies are planning on it.

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    Myself, and my two sons, signed up today. My daughter has other obligations, will check with my dad, he just had knee surgery. Will be driving old green.

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    I’ll be there, but is there another place to print out an ap? The pdf listed above didn’t agree with my computer?

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    stitch,i’ll see if the boss will e-mail ya one,i can’t fig out how to e-mail the whole thing.i just get the link

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    I will be there with my 10 year old grandson. My dad is also coming over from Thor. Looked at the extended and it looks to be perfect weather for ice fish’in!

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    me and aj are in

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    I will be in Saturday to signup and have a couple of others that are planning on it as well.

    Now to find the Fish!! 🙄

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    Thanx for the info, if I don’t go to KC that weekend, Myself and a buddy should be there. 😉

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    I’m in…. lookin forward to maybe meeting some other IO members out there fishing..


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    buddy and i are coming up this afternoon to give it a try. Also be signing up for tourney. Sounds like a blast. Any secrets????

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    me and my dad will probably be there if the weather is fine

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