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    I’m curious has anyone heard if the piles of furs at the warehouses are being knocked down any? Does anyone think the piles will be depleted significantly by next fall? I am hoping that the stockpiles will be reduced considerably since nobody seems to be trapping much this year.

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    I think NAFAs last update said fur was moving, but coons were still slow. A cold winter in Asia will help. Hard to tell what will happen. I’m not messing with coon unless I catch one that is big and purty!

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    Last I heard there was two years worth of stock in storage yet. It will take a couple years worth of good markets to get that taken care of.

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    Are we trading with Russia/ China unrestricted and regularly? This is the only way the fur market will turn around! Unless you start seeing VS models wearing it on the runway.

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    I have a NAFA news letter in front of me. They are 100% sold!! They have moved their auction dates back a little this year hoping more money will have switched hands. So the buyers will have more to buy with. It speaks nothing of Russia but blames high Chinese Tarrifs for some of the recent troubles. Also they are trying to get our big 4 North American buyers (Sacks/Neman Marcus)back in the game by certifying North American pelts.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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