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    So I caught a nice smallmouth I want to have mounted. Anyone have any recommendations or firsthand experiences with fish taxidermists in the Southeast/east central iowa area? Would prefer somewhere near/around cedar rapids or iowa city. But I would consider anyone South of Highway 20, North of 92, And I don’t want to go further west than 63 (even that is kind of a stretch).

    Hopefully if I get it out to someone real soon here, I can avoid a super long turnaround if I beat most of the deer hunters to the taxidermist. In an ideal world I’m looking for someone who preferably specializes or only does fish if this is possible price wise, but for the right taxidermist and the right price I have a little wiggle room.

    Also if anyone has any pics of work a local taxi has done for them, go ahead and post it, I’d love to have a look at some work. I know most taxis post their previous mounts on their website or catalog but obviously those are the VERY best of the best.

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    I’m not sure if Rick takes in custom mounts anymore but if it’s a fish of a lifetime I’d define Italy check and beg him to try and do it. May be with asking. If he would do it it would be one of the best. He’s in New Hampshire but it would be worth it if you have the $$ and he will do one.


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    ricks might be a little too far 😯
    I had some walleyes done by Collins out of Denver. iowa that is. couldn’t be happier.
    at one time he was the top fish guy in iowa I believe.

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    If it were me, I would have Lake Fork Taxidermy do a replica. they do outstanding work. http://www.lakeforktaxidermy.com

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    Jeff and Kaye Bittner with Twin Rivers Taxidermy. Outstanding very particular work with reasonable prices. New Sharon IA. Kaye does most of the fish and is very good. About 8 blocks past your 63 line but may be worth calling them. PM me if you need their #

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    I have had four fish, including two smallmouth, done by Collins taxidermy in Denver, IA. May be a bit further than you’d like, but they are outstanding mounts. He does very good work.

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    Bob Christian in Grinnell does a great job. He did my walleye and I’m very pleased with his work. He only charged me 5 bucks a inch. I think he might have raised to 6. Pm me if interested in his number. He doesn’t advertise.

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