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    Learning the following shooting positions will help ensure you can cleanly and ethically harvest game under a wide variety of circumstances.

    • Standing Shooting Position (Offhand)

    The standing shooting position is the fastest shooting position to assume. gives the hunter the best field of view, allowing him or her to see over all but the tallest grass and brush.

    • Standing Shooting Position With Support 

    Support can come from a variety of sources: shooting sticks, a tree, etc

    • Kneeling Shooting Position 

    It is the second fastest shooting position to assume. When done correctly, it provides a fairly stable shooting position

    • Sitting Shooting Position 

    It takes a little more time to achieve than the kneeling firing position, but is even more stable

    • Unsupported Prone Shooting Position 

    It is the slowest position to achieve, but it is the most stable

    • Prone Shooting Position With Support 

    Increase your stability and make shooting at long distance much easier.

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