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    I am putting in my first food plot ever this year and wanted to know where and how I can get a soil test done?

    Any tricks, hints and/or ideas are welcome as I am completely new to this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I’m in the same boat as you, and what I did was get a soil sample kit from whitetail institute. Directions are very clear on how to collect the sample and with them you can choose what crop you intend to plant whether it is one of their products or something else and they will give you fertilizer and lime requirements to get your soil to optimum conditions.

    They also get back to you very quickly and give a really detailed report. And saved us money in the long run by needing less than what most would suggested too. They also have a good customer service line you can call with questions if you need any.

    Just in case you think about doing your plot without fertalizer I will tell u it makes a huge difference. I put in three plots last fall that had clover in them (no fertilizer ) and they were okay at best. I fertalized 2 of the 3 this spring (ran out of fertilizer ) and those two have knee high clover now where the other one it might be 6 inches.

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    Iowa State soils lab will do the tests as well as various private soil labs if you want to send it (or deliver it) somewhere.



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    Like was mentioned, ISU does testing.

    I work in the ag industry, and every farmer and agronomist I talk to likes these guys the best:

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