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    I’m in NE Iowa and am missing out on lots of early Fall smallmouth action because every stream is completely blown out with little end in sight for a at least a week and half if we’re lucky.

    I know in years past that the smallies head out of the smaller creeks and rivers sometime in October and are done with for the year.

    So will these flood waters speed up the process? What do you guys think?

    BTW the Mississippi is forecast to hit 18 ft. at the railroad bridge within the next week! That poor river is pretty sorry looking right now and was even smelly when I went over by the dam the other day. Haven’t seen the Miss smelly since the toxic days of the late ’60s and early ’70s.

    Post count: 457

    Well, I’ll just answer my own post after taking a trip to two of my favorite hotspots.

    It appears that all of the smallies took a free ride downstream during the floods to the Mississippi for the winter.

    I got skunked at places I always catch fish before they disappear in the fall.

    Dang! Oh well, time to switch to trout.

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