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    I just purchased a new home in Mingo, Ia. I see on the aerial I have two bridge access’s into the skunk river near my house. They both are outside the Colfax area. Does anyone do any cat fishing in this stretch? I would assume it would be primarily channels there. Just scoping the area looking for things around me to do. Maybe a good stretch to kayak? Anything else besides channels in that stretch? any info would be appreciated!


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    I fish the Skunk occasionally just east of Colfax and have caught flatheads along with the channels. The last few years, smallmouth bass have been showing up. Good luck!

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    I’ve heard of good channel catfishing and a few flatheads being caught that way. Never fished it, but I’ve heard enough good things I need to! Goodluck!

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    I have heard good things. From what I understand, it’s a decent area to catch cats and smallmouth. I meant to get out there this year but then life happened.

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