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    I had some range time shooting Sig’s new P365. I was very surprised they were able to make a 9mm pistol with 10+1 rounds in the size of a Glock 43 or M&P Shield.

    I know there are several people posting on-line about problems they have been having but the one I shot worked flawless with cheap range ammo as well as HST and Gold Dot. I shot 200 rounds.

    I’ve also read where several people have returned them to SIG and have had them fixed and now work well.

    Must admit, I don’t know that I would buy one since I already have a Glock 43 and a Shield. I rarely carry them since they are both too small in grip for me. The P365 also was too small for me.

    If you’re looking for a very small pocket pistol with the highest capacity for the size, it might be worth checking it out. They are clearly going to be hard to find and overpriced for a while….

    Amazing to compare the P365 mag to a Glock 26 mag. Same capacity with a huge difference in size.



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    On a whim I got my wife a SCCY CPX-1 from BassPro for $199.
    We’ve since run a couple of hundred rounds of American Eagle through it without a hiccup. The only negatives I can come up with are the really stiff springs in the mags and a super long trigger. The double action trigger is excessively LONG but it’s very smooth and clean. Reviews are all over the board on these and I’ve yet to shoot it enough to call it a reliable carry gun but we both really enjoy shooting the one we have. For the price you really can’t go wrong or at the very least it’s something to consider.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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