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    My 7 year old has been crazy about seeing a salamander in the wild here in Iowa for the last 3 years. Dallas county conservation just posted that the rain shower has triggered the migration from adjacent property into the marsh near Voas nature center (Minburn). Naturalist will be on hand between 4-7 for discussion. Noted location is 180th for larger number of them. Maybe we’ll see you there.

    More information can be found here:


    and here:

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    Found one in my garage last night.Well the wife found it and you would have thought she encountered an alligator.First one I have seen on the property in 15 years.When we first moved there they were all over.Not sure what happened to them all.

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    Saw 3 along the road today in north central Iowa!

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    Saw 2 probably three weeks ago in the morning after it rained the night before. Last time we had substantial rain fall. Rained a little hear yesterday but not enough to get them moving.

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    Saw a bunch on the gravel roads around Hendrickson marsh last nite.

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    I saw 4 at different times this afternoon crossing the blacktop south of Garwin this afternoon. Just like the previous post–just after a rain shower.

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    We used to see them all the time after rain about this time of year. We are on the NE side of Grimes. Haven’t seen one for several years now. Wife about soiled herself when she looked in the sprinkler box one time and one was in there. 😀

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    We ended up catching and depositing in the marsh about 2 dozen of the little guys. My kids were very happy. The naturalist said that if we get a little better rain tomorrow that there could be hundreds. Check the Facebook page for updates. I’d post pics but I can never get them to work on this site.

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    Cool little critters and big bass and cat think so too. 😀

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    I dodged two of them crossing hwy 30 near Tama. The third one was not so lucky. 😕

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