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    any ideas or pics of something that would work good for a rimfire gong or plates?  Say for a 17hmr out to 200 and a little farther?

    I’m not sure how far out my self sealing targets will be reactive for that little bullet, and wondering how thick the plates would need to be for longevity?  Any experience???



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    And yes, cca’s post inspired this!

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    Local Ag teacher bought some AR steel and using a plasma cutter I had the kids build a dueling tree and some three legged targets that roll when you hit them. So far I have used them with all my handguns and .223. haven’t tried anything else yet. I have a piece of 1/2 inch grader blade hung as a gong and it’s survived .338 RUM hits.


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    stick with AR500 steel, it will last longer.  if using only rimfire, then IMHO 1/4″ would be sufficient.

    For the cost difference, I would go for 3/8″ AR500 steel.

    3/8″ is more versatile, you can use rifle rounds up to 30-06 at 200+ yards, stay below 2800 FPS to avoid pitting.

    if you want to buy local, check out Accurate Products, I use their targets.  https://www.facebook.com/accuratesteeltargets/

    or hit ebay and search for AR500 targets, there is a bunch.

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    Hey skruffy are you wanting to make your own targets? I have some 4in 6in and I believe 8in dia sticks. We can cut them to your desired thickness. Probably find enough pieces to make you a target or two around here. PM me if you need anything

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    if  you’re just dinging rimfire stuff there are lots of premade targets that are cheap.  some even self reset.  you can find them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and configurations.

    AR500 steel, unless it is very thin (like 1/4″ or lighter) is pretty heavy for rimfire.  I’ve had some 22LR come back at me and ricochet all around on heavy steel.  you really need it to be heavy enough to not dimple and crater, but light enough that it’ll allow itself to soak up some energy and move, thus bleeding down that little bullet so it won’t fly all over the neighborhood.

    hope this lends some perspective.



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    I was thinking of buying something, but I do have a scrap pile and a welder…  I might have to dig around and see what I have available one of these nice days.

    And I do have some homemade ar500 targets from years back for centerfire (barely used), the spheres that roll when hit.  They’re so heavy I’d be very surprised if the little 17 grain or 20 grain HMR could even move them, especially at longer ranges.  Which is why I was thinking of lighter targets.

    I’ll do some looking around at the premade rimfire targets as suggested.  A couple days after making this post I walked past some in scheels but was in a hurry and couldn’t look them over.  One concern I have is that they’re sized for 22lr’s and my HMR or my son’s 22mag would tear them up.  But that might not be a valid concern.  I’ll read reviews online and the product documentation and see if they mention rimfire magnums.

    In my quick glance at scheels I thought I saw a self sealing gong that might be interesting, as long as it’s not too heavy and moves when a rimfire hits it, say a 17hmr at 200 yards, while practicing using holdover marks, effects of wind, and such.

    thanks for the advice!!!

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    found a number of gong options on amazon to use a baseline for shopping.  Made from ar500 steel, able to pick the thickness, etc.

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