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    Anybody have rangefinder that they own that is super? Thinking about Leupod, Nikon or Vortex.

    Do any members here own one of these models and have opinion on why yours is working great. ???

    Lookinig for input from members. thanks, robbie

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    Hey Robbie- what are going to be using the rangefinder for in the field? The requirements for a bow hunter and a rifleman are dramatically different and can certainly impact the $$$ you need to spend.

    For bow hunting, you really only need a unit that is rugged and reliable and gives accuracy out to a couple hundred yards. I’ve owned the cheap Simmons, a Bushnell Trophy, and a Nikon. They ranged from $90-$300 and all have completely met my expectations. They’ve also allowed me to confidently set up targets out to 200 yards on my farm for sighting in rifles and muzzleloaders. Based on my experience and what I use them for, I would never spend more than $300 on a rangefinder.

    If you are planning to hunt out west for big game or go on a prairie dog shoot, you may need something a little nicer.

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    Stay away from the Nikon Acculon. I have one and it will not zap dark objects consistently. I use mine for 3D and hunting and fight it on black targets. Hunting it has troubles with certain trees with rough bark.

    Nikon makes great equipment, not bashing, but they didn’t hit it out of the park with the acculon.

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    I highly recommend the Vortex Ranger 1000 or 1500. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, along with the red LED/LCD display made it a no-brainer for me.

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    Yeah, I have heard good things about the Vortex name. Think Nikon might not be all that great. Do like the iron clad warranty of Vortex. If it breaks they fix or replace no quesitons asked. I \

    I plan on going out West to hunt elk and want something that will be accurate and waterproof/ fogproof and that works out to at least 700 yards. robbie

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    I would also recommend the Vortex Ranger 1500. I have had a great experience with mine. Seems to do very well at picking up objects at a distance (500 to 800 yds). I have not tried anything past 1000 yds yet. And it is pretty simple to use, just point, push a button, and get your distance.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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