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    What’s a guy to do on a cold, rainy, windy day? I guess you get some reloading done.

    I had shot up the last of my long range 243 rounds about a month ago and decided I’d better load up some more “fun” rounds to shoot steel with sometime soon hopefully. I might even try to bait a coyote and see if I can pull off a 500-600 yard shot with one of them. 😉

    So here’s my 50 rounds of 243 I put together the last couple of hours. 105 gr A-Max with 40.8 gr of H4350 with CCI 250 magnum primers seated about 20 thousandths off. This load runs close to 3000 fps and I’ve used them to shoot steel as far as 1000 yards. My story from February of this year when the weather was awesome……….. https://iowasportsman.com/forum/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=996550

    Now I just need some decent weather and maybe someone else that wants to shoot some long range for fun. 🙄

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    Same here, the decision to reload was easy to make today.

    Finished loading about 300 .38 Specials I had started on a few weeks ago. These are all loaded from my first batch of boolits I ever cast and lubed. Some 125gr RNFP and 148gr WC.

    Might get out and unload some tomorrow if there is a bit of a break in the weather. Heck, will probably shoot regardless of the weather, it’s time to sling some lead! :mrgreen:

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    Very cool stuff. I’ve mostly been reloading my 12 ga trap loads. See my avatar for a picture. 😀

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